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November 4, 2020

In a stunning engagement during the 2nd round of Zoom calls last weekend facilitated by Mr Omoruyi Igiehon, I was able to see that the Edo community in the UK has reached a point where everyone seems to have agreed to turn towards our better impulses. 

Edos who have b...

October 28, 2020

If you are a true Nigerian that has wished for change for so many years, why don’t you say why you have a problem with this SARS protest? Is it really the broken roofs, chairs or gov’t tanks that were destroyed? Or the poor who got their palliatives, or perhaps, a Gove...

October 25, 2020

In the last week, Nigerian youths have pressed the reset button on the truth, and the echoes are ringing loud in the household of every Nigerian generation worldwide. This fight could have been done many years ago instead of waiting in line to get your own share and de...

October 20, 2020

It was an evening of honest exchanges of ideas, between Edo professionals and Edo union executives in the UK. At the end, it was agreed the Edo community in the United Kingdom was underachieving considering its vast resources.

The Edo community executives were very plea...

October 16, 2020

The Edo diaspora UK Community is on an upward trend. Hosting the Edo Summit UK in 2019 which the Governor attended and our participation in Edo2020 has certainly brought the community into the spotlight. As a result, more Edos in the UK want to engage with their commun...

October 15, 2020

There were herculean efforts from the Edo Diaspora from both sides in Edo2020. One effort stood out that will change the face of Nigerian elections for years to come. 

Sept 7th, 12 days to Edo2020, Princess Edith Iyamu, the granddaughter of Oba Akenzua II, worried that...

October 14, 2020

There are many families in the UK black ethnic minority community who are living under the radar due to their immigration status. These individuals and families are mostly in the black ethnic African and Caribbean communities in England.

A lot of them are waiting for th...

October 6, 2020

The elections are over now and it is time to move on as one people, Edo State and the Edo diaspora. That was the message from the Edos in diaspora who tuned in to last night’s Zoom Meeting “How Market” hosted by Edo Connect UK.

The night was organised to iron out any el...

October 1, 2020

As GO was busy crushing Godfatherism in Edo State, many personal relationships amongst friends and families in the Edo Diaspora were also taking a “Tanking

Nobody was prepared for the bloody nose of Edo2020. It was deep rooted because it was contested between 2 Edo brot...

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