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One thing we must not forget is that before the constitution there has been the traditional and Culture, but with the emergence of the constitution, things change.

The Governor within his constitutional right can suspend but cannot unseat. The Enogie of Uromi is a man with power and based on his traditional rights, he cannot tender an apology to any man. In fact it is a taboo for the king to beg.

There are ways he can address the issue, for example, by inviting the whole family of Mrs Betty to the palace and hosting them. This will mean that the king is at peace with the family but still not sending an apology to anybody whatsoever.

The Oshiomole suspension is only within where the law place him. He cannot ask the king not to rule his people but he can stop the constitutional fee of the king as long as he wants. If it were to be in the days of our history, the king would have ordered Mr Betty out of his community and the family would have to beg the king with Goats, White Cock, A kola nut with three branches, a mix grounded native chalk with salt etc... When the king accepts, he will then pray for her with the mix native before she can be accepted back into the community. We are killing our traditions with politics. Oshiomole or any government representative has only four years in office but the king will spend his whole life in office.

Author: Precious Osasu

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