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My name is Iyayi Osasumwen Precious, the CEO of Edocated Initiative (propagating the great Benin history and cultural heritage).

I was born and brought up in Benin city, Edo state. I used to have five female friends and guys but as I write now, all are in Europe. I have got no friends and guess what... They are all doing well for themselves.

Benin City used to be a place where accommodation and food were affordable;

"Things are cheap in Benin!"

But not until the Naira depletion and the hunger strike that now plague the nation.

This famine is so bad that people now steal food. I experienced recently, in my own house, our tenant owned a provision store and she just got back from the market and she displayed her goat meat, where she normally put it for people to buy. She went inside to rest, since she was tired of the long walk, and when she came out after 30mins time, two pieces of the meat was missing. She started screaming! Each cost #400 and till today we don't know the culprit.

Right now I am even scared to bring my phone outside to take my calls.

Men are hungry and are looking for what to put in their stomachs, so they steal anything.

I watched a video yesterday where a young man was been assaulted because he stole #1500 and he was taken to the police cell. The city is no longer safe, just this week we have recorded three crime scenes and the young girls now taking to prostitution "runs" and to worsen everything, the Edo State University, Ekpoma have increased their tuition fees. Many have dropped out and are now heading to Libya or Ghana.

Woe to our govt for bringing this calamity upon us. Some factors also necessitated are the depopulation of Edo youths. They are migrating in search of greener pastures outside the country. Many have lost their lives, I don't blame them, because of what is happening... The country is hard!!

I am writing based on what I have seen and heard. I will be pointing my first finger to the govt who has not been able to provide job opportunities for the youths or even for them to think of increasing the standard of living for the youths.

No factories, industries, companies...

How can a bag of rice be #25,0000 and a younger is earning #50,000 as his salary?

it's fustrating to say tge least. They don't want to be criminals so their face won't be on crime watch and they will now ask them "how do you feel now?", so they will just pick up their bags and leave for good.

Our Edo parents are another reason. I point fingers to our parents because many don't take proper care of their children, especially the females and they will even start convincing them to leave with parents often comparing them to other children that have traveled and are now doing well for themselves.

Lastly, we Edo's are the problems too. We have so many youths with potentials but when they come to meet you, you will start giving one excuse or another.

Especially for the girls, a man will see a brilliant girl with ideas but will choose to go to bed with her before helping them. This is why people conceal their ideas till they have money. Some might even loose their lives before they start unleashing them.

You see why majority of our youths, when travelling abroad tends to do well?...

They explore and possess the energy and power to unleash their potential.

This is simply because their govt and society has created opportunities for them to display and advertise their talents and get paid well for it.

The Edo people should start empowering their youths before we loose them to other countries and communities.

This is how I feel.

Author: Precious Osasumwen


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