• Tony Igele

Bewitched: Edo House of Assembly


Greatest Edo people, let it be on record that I was one of those who never kept quiet on a very serious matter like this and at a time like this when an average Edo indigene cannot afford two square meal a day.

The approval of 200 million naira and 100 million naira by the State House Assembly to build house for former Governor and deputy Governor at a critical time like this in our nation is not only the highest level of legislative insanity, backwardness, daftness, mediocrity and hypocrisy but the biggest slap to the Edo people especially the youths who are unemployed.

This matter must not be allowed to die like this , this conspiracy, evil and injustice against the Edo people must not be allow to prevail and this spare that has been casted on these people we elected to represent our interest must not be allowed to manifest... The time to occupy Anthony Enaihoro complex is now and am ready to join any interest group or individual to occupy that house.

I am given the member representing my Constituency Orhiomwon South, Hon. Roland Asoro 48 hours to explain to me and the generality of Orhionwon South people why he will support such a bogus and aimless profligacy.

This is not a matter of political party, there are sometimes we must take away party affiliations and fight an evil which threatens all of us. I can't remember anytime I have ever gotten a kobo from my party and I believe none of you have also gotten , hence, I do not see any reason whatsoever why you will support or defend such injustice and insanity . These are people who already have mansions everywhere and are already blessed, meanwhile there are thousands of people out there homeless. This is unfair, unbearable,wicked and must be resisted and condemned by any sane Edo indigene.

Let me ask again, who has bewitched Edo State House of Assembly members who supported this sicking ideal?

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