• Tony Igele

Re-install Our Onojie, Edo Traditional Rulers to Obaseki.

We want our Onojie re-installed- Uromi, others insist.

By Tony Igele.

We cannot just stand still and watch our traditional values and institution watered down to the ground. The ulterior motive of the former Governor is to desecrate the throne and we as a people who do not only love our traditional ruler but have respect for our traditional institutions and are saying no to such show of rascality.”

On how to resolve the issues, he noted that: “The way forward is for the government to listen to the people. Since government is a continued institution, we are calling on the Governor of Edo State to sheathe its sword. We are telling them that we reject and refuse the decision taken to dethrone the Onojie. We are very angry.”

Other eminent personalities that participated in the solidarity visit were Sergius Oseasochie Ogun, representing Esan North East and South East Federal Constituency; Patrick Iluobe, Representing Esan North East Constituency 1; Ezehi M D Igbas, Representing Esan North East Constituency 11, Edo State House of Assemble as well as Friday Itulah former House of Representatives member, Senator Odion Ugbesia.

An act of God Commending the visitors for the timely visit, Chief Okosadoh Okoh, the Eni of Uromi Kingdom, noted thus: “What has happened may be an act of God, this will help us to be more united as a people and forge ahead.” He assured the visitors that the ancestors of Uromi Kingdom will not allow their kingdom to be desecrated, but will help to fight to restore the king back to his throne in no distant time, adding that the throne is not for sale, as the king is born and not appointed.

Benin traditional rulers are born, not appointed.

Speaking, Sergius Ogun, argued thus: “In many parts of Nigeria, traditional rulers are chosen from Ruling Houses and crowned with such rulers deriving their legitimacy and powers from the Traditional Council or King Makers. This is clearly not the case in this instance since the Ojuromi derives his legitimacy and powers from God; as our people say, the Onojie of Uromi is born and not made.

“The procedure of coronation and presentation of staff of office by the state government is more procedural than substantial because from the moment the crown prince is born his destiny has been decided since it is universally accepted that he and only he can succeed the reigning Onojie to the throne.

“The Traditional Rulers and Chiefs Law of 1979 was an offshoot of the Colonial mentality which did not recognise the power of the people to choose their own rulers and encourage the attempts by the colonialists to use the Traditional Rulers as tools for indirect rule.

Any traditional ruler who refused to play ball was deposed or exiled and replaced by someone more amenable to the colonial interests.

“This worked in a lot of instances because of the succession process but it was resisted by the people then and any attempt to enforce a law hinged on the same principles will most likely suffer the same universal condemnation”.

The Edo State Gubernatorial election which took place on Wednesday 28, September 2016 may have produced a winner in the person of Mr Godwin Obeseki but it may not have come without a royal casualty.

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