• Uyi Mary Brown

Nigeria Does Not Need A Christian Court


By Uyi Mary Brown

Was perusing the internet when I came across a breaking news that a Bill to create a Christian Court has passed Second Reading in the NHOA. Then I began to wonder the essence of such court to our individual and national lives. I'm not a Lawyer but I know that constitutionally, Nigeria is a SECULAR state, so why all these religious bill nonsense?

Our selfish, corrupt and unpatriotic leaders are always exploiting our blind religious dispositions to their advantage. we don't need a Christian Court: We need bills that will bring Power, Employment, Schools, Hospitals, Housing, Roads, Food etc, to the Agbero boy on the street of Lagos, to the farmer under the scortching sun along the Benue River, to the fisherman in the creeks of the Niger Delta, to the homeless Almajiris on the street of Kano. That is the first road to Peace, Justice and Development, not a Christian Court on the basis of primordial sentiment that will only create another atmosphere for internal Superiority CRISIS or if you like debate in the Christian Faith.

Why I hate Religion but Love Jesus!

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