• Pedro Obaseki

PDP Needs Serious Rebranding-Don Pedro Obaseki

This is an honest opinion and I pray the Leaders are reading or will listen.

The EDO State Governorship Elections came and went. The ONDO State Governorship Elections came and went. Now the Rivers State legislative rerun also came, but many of us in Edo didn’t need to read a “Mene Mene Tekel”. The script was familiar. The handwriting, same. All the Masquerades wore identical masks! And Nebuchadnezzar & his Chaldeans may well continue to have a field day!

However, I beg to disagree with those who opine that our Party Leaders are leading well. PDP needs serious rebranding. Presently, most PDP leaders, whether elected, appointed or acknowledged, have not done enough to wake up this “sleeping giant”. In fact, to many observers, the PDP Leadership appears comatose, disconnected and parochial.

In the Nigeria of today, the dynamics of power has altered tremendously, and not to acknowledge that is quite unfortunate. To this end, the brand essence of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) as a party and political entity needs a structural overhaul. Anything less will be economic with the Truth. It is no longer Politricks as usual. The PDP must clean its Aegean’s Stable. Wishful thinking, nor mere sporadic complaints and whimpering on social media cannot do this.

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