• Tony Igele

Akakasiaka: We Are With Buhari

Chief Charles Idahosa, aka Akakasiaka, is one of the heavy weights in the politics of Edo State. He was the Special Adviser on Political Matters to the immediate past Governor Adams Oshiomhole for eight years. In this interview, Idahosa speaks on what he expects from Governor Godwin Obaseki in the new year, saying that APC leaders in the state will provide a conducive environment for him to fulfil his campaign promises to the people.

Your party, the APC, is thriving despite the economic recession. It won the Edo and Ondo state governorship elections. What is the secret behind this success?

We thank God that we won these states, but one thing I must say is that for a political party that is in-charge of a government to be winning elections in a recession goes a great length to show the understanding and the sophistication of the Nigerian voter. What the results from Edo and Ondo show is that the people are very much aware and enlightened about the issues, that the problem we are having today was created by the PDP.

Chief Charles Idahosa

Though the PDP tried to paint the APC Federal Government in bad light as if the whole problem started in our time, what the results of the two states have shown is a vote of confidence on the APC – led Federal Government. The people are aware that what they need is patience and time to allow the APC government consolidate and take us out of the woods.

Nigeria would have collapsed if PDP had won the 2015 presidential election from what we have seen today. So we are grateful to the electorate in Ondo and Edo states for their belief despite all the PDP blackmail. And APC is still going to win more states because Nigerians are aware that the APC will get us out of the recession soonest.

Anenih’s resignation from politics

Chief Tony Anenih is a very good politician. I worked with him in the PDP, though most of us thought the retirement would have come earlier than now but it is okay. He has done his best in politics, he has done very well for his people in politics. Uromi where he comes from can boast of four to five persons as former Ministers and other top government functionaries. He has been part of the political struggles of this country. People love him, people hate him and that is politics for you.

When you read the hand-writing on the wall you have to leave quietly because we all know that Chief cannot operate in the current Federal Government. He gave his support to the PDP in the last election, though they did not win but he has made his mark in politics and I wish him all the best.

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