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Edo State: 10,000 Persons To Be Employed As Revenue Collectors

Edo State government says it has set up modalities for the employment of 10,000 persons through the introduction of Point of Sale service (POS) for the collection of revenue in the state.

The state governor, Godwin Obaseki, said while directing heads of Local Government Administration (HOLGA) in the state to forward names of contractors initially contracted as revenue collectors to Government House to jump start the job scheme.

Obaseki said the employment of the 10,000 persons was the first phase in his fulfilment of his 200,000 jobs promised during electioneering campaigns.The governor said his administration would establish an electronic platform that would collect revenue by POS or revenue scratch cards, for those who do not have ATM cards.

A government statement at the weekend said the submission of the contractors’ names was in furtherance of government’s avowed commitment to streamline tax collection in the state.

The statement said government’s decision followed the governor’s meeting with stakeholders in Government House on Friday. Speaking with newsmen after the meeting, Oseni Elamah, chairman, Edo State Internal Revenue Service, said the concerned contractors were those previously selected to collect revenue on behalf of the local governments.

Elamah disclosed that the concerned contractors were also required to supply the names of their staff, phone numbers and passport photographs, saying the exercise was with a view to capturing their details in the state’s employment database.

“In addition to this, the MDs of all those that were engaged as consultants or contractors have also been directed to supply the names of those people that were involved, the staff they used, their numbers and their photographs so that we can consider them for employment under the first 10,000 youths’ employment programme that the government is already working on,” he said.

He further disclosed that a portal would be opened where their biometrics would be captured and they would be given first offer under the new programme as a result of experience, which they must have gained in their previous assignment of manually collecting revenue, which they were given.

The Edo State Internal Revenue Service boss explained that beneficiaries would undergo training before eventual recruitment, saying, “Under this, we are also working towards eliminating cash as a means of revenue collection.

“We are going to establish an electronic platform that will collect revenue by the means of POS or revenue scratch cards for those who do not have ATM card.

“Under that law, the processes or procedure and time frame for whatever revenue and taxes that have been collected will be clearly stated and publicised.”

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