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Feb 10th 1897, A Day The Benins Will Never Forget. The British Invasion Of The Greatest Kingdom In A

Let's not forget in a hurry, in 1897, a month after the Benin Chiefs massacre the British soldiers, Rear Admiral Harry Rawson landed at Ughoton (Gwatto) port with a 7 (Seven) warships, 82 Naval officials and ratings, 123 Indian Regiment( for garrison duty) and 250 troupe of the Niger coast protectorate army, one maxin, one rocket launcher, seven (7) canon guns of the Niger coast protectorate and 150 strong lagos hausa troop launched landed in Benin.

Feb, 10th 1897, The British soldiers launched a 3-pronged attack from Ologbo, Sakponba and Ughoton. The battle was tough, Benin warriors fought many battles but have never fought against canon balls and rockets. Benin was captured after 8 (eight)days.

The British soldiers descended on the city, burnt every houses in Benin. The palace was completely burnt down and the soldiers ransacked every room and removed all the bronze and ivory pieces they found. They were obviously looking for them for Philip had written 3 ( three ) Months earlier, that enough bronze and ivory would be found in the palace whose value would off-set the cost of the war. We were reaped off our treasuries.

Oba Ovonramen was charged for the British soldiers that were massacre few months earlier and he was exiled to calabar where he spent his last (17) seventeen years and the chiefs who were tried too were executed.

Today let us race the Benin flag and celebrate our Heroes who fought the British and sacrificed their lives fighting the British soldiers when they invaded in 1897.

Ref: Onions. A. EDIONWE. Witness to survival_ki god vs kingdom-The story of British Invasion of Benin Kingdom in 1897

Raise The flag of Hope

Edo will be great again, The labour of our heroes shall never be in vain. We will retain, sustain and propagate our Great Benin History and Culture. Freedom From Political invaders exploiting our resources (Political Criminals).

Long Live Edo State

Long Live The Empire

Oba Ghator kpere. Ise.


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