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The Edo Woman: The Natural Queen And The Stereotype She Must Conquer To Get Her Crown.

The World as we know it today cannot complete 24hours without the talk and action about women equality and empowerment topping the bill somewhere. What started out as Kitchen rebellion has now seen women presidential candidates, Women presidents, prime ministers, professional golfers, footballers, movie directors and so on, even in Nigeria things have moved across the Atlantic with Tiwa Savage flying the flag in the USA. These are all positives reflected on Female Africans. However there is a group of Natural Queens, powered by the richest culture in africa, who on the surface appear not to be interested in any rebellion, resistance or fight that have taken women from the kitchen to the pinnacles of world positions. Will Edo Women worldwide please stand up and offer an explanation as to why they are not involved in this worldwide women victory. Dare I say their involvement could liberate Edo state enlightening us men on this new perspective. In light of this I would like to point out that this is not a fantasy call but rather an emergency 999 one, so lets read further.

An Edo Woman today is a queen who has refused to take her position. Whether its a political, fashion , Entertainment , professional , sports or Events Queen the list goes on. Their actions so far does not reflect any willingness to become a advocate of any such discipline. They have decided not to take their position solely due to the fact they have allowed themselves to be defeated by their Steroetypes. Not by men, a mere Stereotype. What one has to first agree is DEFEAT is a word used when a fight has actually taken place (or been put up) but without a fight- the right word is a Quitter. So are Edo women Quitters?

The stereotype which has tainted the Edo Woman's throne for years is "Italo" (Trafficking and Prostitution of young Edo girls from Edo state).This has tainted the Edo woman's throne for years. A notable trade that Edo Women have become known for, to the extent that even other nationalities arrested or interviewed by the World media in Italy claim to be from Edo state. A trade that is murdering Edo girls at a rate faster than Syria bombings. Jennifer Obaseki (Director of Obaseki solicitors in London) has attempted to address the issue but theres been no interest , support or awareness coming from the successful Edo Woman home and abroad. This is more than a stain to her Majesty Edo Queens worldwide. To see such damage being done to your Kingdom and picking the option to do nothing beats everything you stand for. Queen Idia would surely turn in her grave if she saw what the Edo Woman has become today, which brings us there, What has the Edo woman become today? That answer is simple as was defined to me in a convention.

Edo Women today are dis-engaged from their Kingdom, lack unity, lack a charitable nature and show a total dis-regard for young Edo girls they are supposed to be mentoring. Most of them in diaspora, especially London and America have even stopped supporting their husbands in Edo community responsibilities, claiming its a dead end to their new found selves, whilst the men who still hold Edo meetings all over the world (thousands of wassup groups in support) continue trying to address all issues we face backhome in our land Edo state .

But "Italo" is an Edo woman's fight, let her show us where they need help when they have started the battle to reclaim their queen ship.

Having a headstart of such a great kingdom and such unwanted worldwide press can only help to bring the Edo Woman's rich heritage to the World powers, only if she uses these powers to fight the stereotype then all this is useless.

It is time for our Edo Women to stand up and see the coronation of Oba Ewuare II as an opportunity for them to re-orientate and re-kindle their Queenship.

Obaghatokprere. Ise

Whether you were born in, married out or married in- It is time for you to take your position.The question is, is she going to sink or swim? whether you were born into it or married into it, Edo Women are all in one and the same boat

I know they will throw sticks and stones on reading this but its good, like breast milk if we do not cry like babies to you for it-where do we go


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