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Edo Connect Gets a Q & A Session With Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu

Edo State is currently occupied by real gentlemen in ruling capacity. I mean it, "Our Ogas at the top" are accessible and vast in the knowledge of communication, that Edos worldwide want more information about the progress and development of situations back home.

As a result of their approach Edos have moved on from the Era of political thuggery, threats and assassinations to a place of dialogue and judiciary, which makes me a touch angry when the Edo Press do not compliment Pastor Osagie Ize Iyamu for his conduct after the election. He has been a total gentleman. One must mention that regardless of the outcome of the tribunal, Ize Iyamu the politician may have lost but Ize Iyamu the gentleman is truly admirable, a quality that can only be of benefit to his Political career at any point in future. He is following due process and we have peace in our land. Well done to Pastor Osagie Ize Iyamu from Edo Connect!

Back to political business Edo Connect caught up with Pastor Osagie Ize Iyamu a week ago at his residence in Benin-city and contrary to reports of court pressures the Pastor was in good spirits, officiating a good game of "Draft" between two of his friends. As our 4 Pm meeting was already arranged by Mr Charles Omorodion (PDP UK Chairman), the Pastor quit his officiating duties to give Edo Connect the update of PDP's quest for justice in the 2016 Edo State Governorship Election. Here is the Q & A session with Pastor Ize Iyamu.

Q: Pastor Good Evening and thank you for having us?

A: No problem, its always a pleasure to welcome the press, especially one from the Edo diaspora.

Q:How is the Tribunal Process going?

A: Well the arguments are closed, PDP had 91 witnesses, APC had 70 witnesses and INEC had no witness.

Q:During the Election did you ever think it would get to a Tribunal Stage as we have now?

A:I did not plan it but its part of the process. After the Election I consulted with the Party executives and members.The decision to go to the Tribunal was beyond myself and PDP, a lot of people wanted change. It was a joint decision.

Q: What next after the Tribunal Process?

A: The written address, 180 days from filing to the day, which should be around the 13th to 16th of April 2017. If we are not satisfied then it will go to appeal, all in all the process cannot exceed 4 months from April, We should have a final decision then.

Q: Which part of the Election process is the core of this case?

A: The votes. We won majority of the valid vote. We are looking at areas of invalid votes. APC votes exceeded accredited voters.In many places where APC declared victory, there were no basis.Remember not all votes are valid.

Q: Is this a case against Governor Godwin Obaseki?

A: No,This is not a case against Obaseki, its a case against INEC, It just happens that Obaseki is the beneficiary of this injustice.

Q: Speaking Of Gov. Godwin Obaseki have you been impressed with his performance so far?

A: I deliberately do not make comments of his Performance but since November 12th till today there are still no commissioners in place.To optimise results one would think such things should have been done. There is a lack of continuity, instead what has been given to the people is still "promises".

Q: How is the support levels from within PDP as this case drags on, is it still strong?

A: Support is very strong, very strong indeed. The case is not entirely mine, PDP is also a Petitioner.

Q: Its a Sad day in Edo State, Dr S.O Ogbemudia just passed on, how do you quantify such a man?

A: He was a great man.One cannot forget his achievements especially during the old Midwest state. Even though his time of governance was short, he touched Edo state in areas of Sports, Transport and Industry. He put Bendel State on the Map.

Q: What do you think about the Edo Diaspora?

A: We appreciate their contribution to the development of their state.We hope to create an enabling environment for them to return home. To secure the state, put up infrastructure and invest. They have been of immense help with their remittance and for that we are very grateful.

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