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Edo Texas Rangers"Changing The Status Quo".

As an Edo Diasporan of 20 years, I can almost vouch to you that every 24 hours in those 20 years are incomplete without me talking about Edo State. Whether I'm alone or in company, enjoying or suffering, laughing or crying, My whole self will love to be doing the same thing at home, I just love Edo State. But as time passed, one needed to be a "bit bolder" to love Edo state and I will tell you why.

First it became apparent that you do not even need an Edo person to talk about Edos or Edo state anymore: CNN, Al jazeera, youtube, fox, BBC, Italiano, Morokino and every other online and news media outlet out there are talking about us, except of course, us Edos. And these outlets are saying really horrible things about us.

Secondly, The Normal experience of talking about Edo state with fellow Edos started only yielding deep arguments amongst Edos, breaking up friends, brothers and groups. Arguments that only successfully divided us as a community. Finally unless you were ready to agree "Edo is finished" you just do not open your mouth to talk about Edo state, especially in the professional Class of Edos who regarded you as " intellectually poor" for thinking about a business in Edo state or even having hope for the state.

That is how Edos were living in diaspora up until october 2016 when Boom! Oba Ewuare II is coronated as the 40th Oba of the great Benin Kingdom. Edos Worldwide found something in common to be proud of. Obaghator kpere to a 100th degrees because Oba Ewuare II did not let us down. His Royal Majesty gave us back our broken pride, our unity and almost as if things could not get better for Edos, a new Governor was also inaugurated. These Two changes in Edo wiped Edo slate clean. Our new leaders told us they know we have been hurting, They told Edos not to be scared to expect more for their Leaders. They showed Edos they are here to work for Edo betterment. Oba Ewuare II and Godwin Obaseki are showing Edos that our bad past is over. Governor obaseki told Edos he is open to criticism and that we should all join forces to make Edo great again. Edos have duly responded worldwide and there is more peace in our land and improved optimism across the Edo diaspora. This brings me to my main point, The emergence of the Edo Texas Rangers and why they are changing the status Quo.

The Edo Texas Rangers as I call them are a "breath of fresh air". They are our reminders of what past governments did not do in Edo state. They are pointers to make sure Governor Obaseki does not miss the bullseye. Dion Osagie and Mega Comrade Eranomigho please stand up. You are both from Texas and are humanitarians of good causes, that is why I call you Edo Texas rangers. Not only have you decided to join in the Edo change, you have also decided to make sure we get as far away from our old bad ways as much as possible by reminding the ruling class "albeit by very unedo means" of our new direction. Edo Texas rangers are also leading the diaspora by example, saying, you can make a change at home,"just don't talk about it, be about it".

Edos will recall that Past Edo governments have never talked about Edos dieing crossing the Mediterranean sea and Sahara. They never talked about Edos been mistreated across europe, trafficked, sponsored and prostituted at record numbers, past Edo governments did nothing of this sort. Edo Texas Rangers via their actions are ensuring that the new Government under Godwin Obaseki leaves no stone upturned. I am sure Governor Obaseki will be working on reforms to stop Edo youths and girls migrating out of the state and also helping Edos internationally, whether its South Africa's xenophobia or italian sex trade, Edo Texas Rangers are ensuring our pointers are up. A point of caution to The Edo rangers is the use of words like "activist and freedom fighters", These definitions can paint Edo in a bad light on the international scene and take us back to where we are trying to run from. Do we want the world media to start telling our story for us again? I think not. Humanitarians is a lovely title with more attractiveness.

As for the Edos in diaspora, a lot of them have now gotten involved in fixing Edo state via humanitarian means. This is one step up from western union, impressive! Amb Dion you must carry on your good work till you receive money from every diasporan that want to make a change in Edo state. Theres nothing wrong with reminding the government of the "work on ground". And Finally to the class of affluent, well-to-do Edos in the diaspora and at home, My advice to you is join the change or get left behind. The Edo Train is in motion and we are never going back to the status quo.

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