• Tony Igele


Places visited: *Igun street in Oredo LGA. *Iyekogba Village Oredo ward 2. *Oduna, Ovia north East L. G. projects inspected were projects in 2016 budgets.

At Igun street, Senator Urhoghide executed a lightening project to the stretch of Igbesamwan . According to Senator Urhoghide, he wants to make igun street more attractive to tourists.

We proceeded to Iyekogba village in ward 2 of Oredo LGA, which is one of the biggest wards in Edo State with over 38 communities and their major occupation is farming. The road being constructed is about 16 kilometer with about 8 rivers which cut across several communities. The major challenges in this area is poor road access and the Senator embarked on the construction of 8 bridges in these communities. we were however able to visit two of the bridges under construction because of time.

At Ogiza community, the Senator constructed a bridge of 40 by 20 and the project is 80% completed. He also constructed a borehole which serves 6 camps in the same Ogiza.

From there we proceeded to Ugogogin village where the Senator also constructed another Bridge at Ovbo community of 40 by 20 and the project is about 70% completed. When the construction of these bridges are competed, it will make life easy and more comfortable for them. Farm produce can be transport to the cities instead of been stock due to lack of roads.

We then visited Oduna ward in Odia North East LGA where the Senator constructed a Solar powered borehole with Water treatment system at Igueholo community.

FINDINGS: At Iyekogba and Igueholor, the people living in Ogiza, Ugogogin and the remaining 36 villages could only access other villages during the dry seasons as they find it difficult to transport their farm produce for sale after harvest. Most of those villages have no Schools, no Electricity and no Health Centres.

I also try to find out form the Senator if these are his only projects, According to him he has about 40 projects across the seven local government in Edo South, subsequently he is going to take me round the various projects which include, Health projects, Schools and roads.

OBSERVATION: I observed that most politicians only remember this people during election when they require their votes and that's too bad. I think governance should be solely about the people at all times and not about self.


All government officials and those elected into public office like councillors, Local Government Chairmen, House of Assembly members, members of the house of representatives, Senators, and State Governor must come together irrespective of the political party to work as a team to make life easier for our people. It is so sad, that in 21st century our people are still struggling to have health centres, schools and even electricity not to even talk of phones. Who no go no know, you and I must count ourselves lucky that we have access to education, electricity, water, hospital and phones. The only way development can come quick is when those entrusted with power come together as a team, If a Senator is building health Centre, local government chairmen should build school, house of Rep should them light, let state Governor build roads and councillor from these area should embark on maintenance.

COMMENDATION: I commend Senator Urhoghide for what I saw yesterday, though there is need to do more. I will be visiting Uhumonde, Ovia South West, Egor to inspect some ongoing health centres and school projects constructed by Senator Urhoghide, subsequently I will be giving feedback to our people. Know your representatives and hold them accountable.

Senator Urhoghide commended me for coming out to demand for accountability.

Youth need to wake up, stop looking for peanuts, look for how to attract sustainable development to your communities. We must stand up for our right.

Thank you all for your encouragement, I feel honoured to serve my people.

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