• tony Igele

I was a victim of Edo land grabbers

Benin city - Rev.Leonard Aifesehi Ohenhen says the ban of Community Development Associations (CDAs) by the Oba of Benin, Oba Ewuare 11, will bring to an end the activities of land grabbers in Edo State.

“The pronouncement by the Benin monarch, Oba Ewuare 11, has given authority to the Enigies to take full charge of their communities, especially when the pronouncement has received legislative backing through a law passed by the Edo State House of Assembly. I am so happy with the decision of our Oba because I was a victim of these land grabbers. I got a ruling through my counsel, R.O.Imafidon, over my land which some persons trespassed on. The matter was between me, a monarch and others at the High Court in Benin. I bought the land from 1977 from the Enogie, His Royal Highness Imadonwonyi, and his elders-in-council and I had been using it for palm tree plantation”, Ohenhen said. “The land dispute started over three years ago when some of the palm trees were uprooted by unknown persons and I complained to the Enogie. I also reported the matter to the Police Area Command and the HRH sent people who came to represent him and assured that they will no longer encroach on my land. Based on the HRH intervention, I decided to withdraw the case from the police. But the incident occurred again and I decided to enforce my right for the second time. Some persons were arrested and the matter charged to court.

“So I give thanks to God. It is very important for the Enogies to sensitize their people on the need for them to have a firm hold on the affairs of their communities so that disputes over land will be drastically reduced. And that is why I am saying that Oba Ewuare 11 is a great blessing to our kingdom and Nigeria as a whole because we have started reaping the benefits of his leadership. The Oba’s banning of Community Development Associations will bring to an end killings and activities of land grabbers. We are so glad because our Oba is well travelled and learned and he understands our problems and knows how to fix them. The days of land grabbing are over in Benin Kingdom.”

On the current economic recession, the man of God said, “Nigeria is blessed with abundant human and material resources but the problem that we have is corruption which is what President Muhammadu Buhari is tackling today. Many countries in the world are jot as rich as we are but because of their leaders were creative and committed in addition to the fact that they shunned corruption, these countries are doing well. We need visionary and God fearing leaders so that this country will be greater than what it is today”.

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