• Tony Igele

Nigeria drifting with lopsided appointments — Owie

Senator Owie stated this at the first National Merit Award of National Confraternity of Christian Mothers held in Benin City, Edo State. He said that the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, became clueless after winning the presidential election, adding that the only hope for Nigerians today remains the National Assembly.

According to him, “If we look at the way the Igbo are treated in this country, you will agree that it is very unfair. Their people in government are removed and replaced with Hausa people. I wonder what those advising the President wants for this nation. You cannot beat a child and expect that child not to cry.

“From what I see, because APC gathered to win government, they didn’t gather to know how to govern.

“The country is drifting economically and politically and only God will save us. The governors in the North must put their legs down and know that when God gives one an opportunity to be the governor of a state, he must be compassionate about the people.

“I congratulate members of the National Assembly who are striving hard to carry out their legitimate functions, with a lawless executive


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