• Tony Igele

God Sent Foundation, Changing Lives with Kindness

WORRIED by the increasing rate of poverty in the country, a non governmental organization, God sent Foundation has embarked on a mission of changing lives with random acts of kindness in Benin City.

On any typical working day, you will find women, some with their children, young men and ladies at the reception of the God sent Foundation office on Ezoti road, waiting to see the founder of the organization.

These persons are usually on appointment to see Amb. Dion Osagie, founder/ President God sent Foundation for one financial assistance or the other to either set up a business, improve on an existing one or meeting a financial need like the payment of school fees.

When you sit in the midst of these people, you are likely to hear discussions such as, “I am going to the market in the neighborhood Community to buy bunch of plantains to sell in Benin City. Others are setting up petty businesses of their choice.

You can easily deduce from the discussions that all they need is some funding which obviously is hard to come by in this period of recession. If you however take a closer look at these persons you will obviously notice that they are ready to work or do something to make a living but the opportunity is not just there.

But the story seem to be changing, because the God Sent Foundation, a non profit organization in Texas, United States of America, has been striving to ensure the well being of women and youths by helping them achieve their heart desires through giving of soft loans and creating employment opportunities.

According to Amb. Dion Osagie, the God Sent Foundation is on a mission to make life of Edo people better by giving them the chance to experience something different from what they are used to. To him, every child deserves the ability to unlock their potentials.

From the way the people are promptly attended to and more people keep coming to receive succor from the foundation, it is a confirmation of the fact that the founder truly believes that these people, especially the youths of today will become the future leaders of tomorrow if given the opportunity and he also believes that anyone’s dream can come true if a platform is created for them.

In his words, “I wake up everyday to carry out random act of kindness, by giving to those around me. As an American based entrepreneur who grew up and spent most of my teenage years in Benin City, I saw my mother who was a teacher for many years giving unconditional love to the youths who were not family members.”

This however made him to vow that he will do his part in making his community better. There is no doubt that his story is one that truly touches the heart and to see what he is doing to ameliorate the plight of the less privileged in the society one cannot help but be proud of him and therefore call on other well meaning persons in the society to emulate such humanitarian gestures.

The foundation has empowered over 50 women and sent several indigent children to schools by paying their school fees as well as setting up businesses for young people.

When this writer visited the office to find out if these kind gestures are not politically motivated, he swiftly responded that the goal of the foundation is to remove 10,000 youths from the streets by 2020, through the creation of 10,000 jobs and empowering 10,000 women. This, he noted can be achieved through funding that will be put together by close to 20 million Nigerians in Diaspora. “This has nothing to do with politics”, he enthused.

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