• tony Igele

Ewu Kingdom Bans Cattle Rearing, ask all Hausa/Fulani People to Leave the land with immediate effect

Ewu Kingdom bans cattle rearing, ask all Hausa/Fulani people to leave the land with immediate effect

Tony Igele

Edo State - Ewu inhabitants and friends were thrown into sober corners following the rape and murder of two women by the Hausa/Fulani herdsmen. Following the raping and killing of these two women by Hausa/Fulani herdsmen, the good people of Ewu Kingdom have placed a ban on cattle rearing/grazing and ordered all Hausa/Fulani people to leave the land with immediate effect!

Landlords/Landladies have been directed to evict Hausa/Fulani people living in their houses. No more cattle market, cattle rearing and cattle grazing in Ewu.

The decision was unanimously reached by the people of Ewu kingdom as series of meetings by all communities that make up Ewu kingdom after the herdsmen raped and slaughtered two women in the farm of Ewu, Esan central local government of Edo state some days ago and another lad shot on his leg by the army who was drafted to the scene of the peaceful protest organized by the Ewu youths to express their angers and concerns.

The unarguably reasons for this decision as spelt out by vast majority of the inhabitants of Edo central in Edo state are as follows:

1. They are raping our wives, Sisters and Mothers. 2. They are killing our people. 3. They are destroying our farmlands and farms. 4. They are robbing our people. 5. They are kidnapping our people for ransom. 6. Our security is threatened. 7. The peace we have been enjoying in Esan is gradually being taken away by these terrorist disguising as herdsmen. 9. We are tired of losing our people to Fulani herdsmen.

Esan people are ancient militaristic, highly homogeneous vibrant agro-fishery and Edoid-speaking people living in the Edo State, South-south geopolitical zone of Nigeria. Esan people are said to be positive in outlook, creative, industrious and highly educated and are one of the Nigeria`s major ethnic groups and live primarily in Edo Central Senatorial District in Nigeria. They love peace but never dare them for a fight back mechanism; they may seem calm in time of oppression but militaristic at the right timing.

So be it throughout Esan communities against Hausa/Fulani herdsmen that make life miserable for farmers mostly.

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