• Tony Igele

Tale of a Nigerian Graduate

I think praying for life after service in most cases is like praying for hell in Nigeria, pray and work hard to get admission to study good course in the University, You will pray before being enrolled for National Service they cannot pay your service, you will not just pray to be employed but have to at some point kickback to get employed for an elephant work and an ant pay. That is when you will know Nigeria beyond Professor so so use to say or Daddy so so once said.

In countries like US, UK, Canada, et al they create an enabling environment of good Road channel, accessible and affordable water and electricity, world class and ultra modern health care facilities for not just the citizens but for businesses to thrive that was why Obama administration was able to add 15,000,000 new jobs to those in existence while in government.

In Saudi Arabia, the government foot the bill for you to get things done, you are studying, they pay you. You are a Graduate, they pay you to establish something. You want to marry, they sponsor it. You are a citizen, you get your share or free salary from return from oil revenue on timely basis.

In all these countries, Security of lives and Properties is very paramount to them, barely will you receive report of kidnapping among other Social vices that has successfully plagued our own society yet our government see nothing wrong in moving with heavy armored vehicles and Security operatives, they organize lavish party for political alignment and re-alignment, they prefer traveling to abroad for a meeting with 15 times football team at the detriment of the tax payers money, traveling abroad is better than asking an home based Dr that is contributing to the growth and development of the Nation treat us. Ask the government just why! Hundreds if other Youths blindfolded with religious, ethnic, political and every other unprogressive reasons will come and call for your head.

One year compulsory service for Graduate without which you cannot get employed or considered for any job opportunity, just consideration ooo imagine! After the one year compulsory rubbish, employers will be asking for 15 years experience from you when you are not two way wheel or double silencer, Donald Trump is America President with zero leadership experience in politics.

Government in his dubious tactics will only cajole us to engage in entreprenuership without capital, yet some fools or ignorant ones will come and say start small as if Dangote starting small was with 10,000/50,000 of today! How many of our business Billionaires in Nigeria that has legal and hard earned wealth started by selling commodities of penny?

Why should I blame the government since we are all by chance or opportunity the government, everyone in government is either there by chance, accident or opportunity which is synonymous to celebrating PHCN light immediately it comes perhaps for five minutes after two months of black out, imagine! Just five minutes suffering of two months is forgotten, we all forget what we've experienced in hard time when small affluence or opportunity comes.

The same leaders we had in 1970s to 1990s are those still leading us and dictating the tune of governance when world great countries like Canada and France are having men of 44 & 39 leading them. But the question remains! Where are the Youths of this great Nation whose potentials are bound to bring proactive measures and developments?

They are either still in school chasing Certificate at near 40! Those that are privileged to get into governance lack the required knowledge of what rigors comes with the position! Every Youths now are just hell bent on getting power forgetting to plan on getting it! Youths now only want to work for money legally or illegally! Everyone want to align with politicians just to get their share of the National treasure!

If I can Vote at 18! It is High time I can be voted for, at least councilor at 20! Local government Chairman at 23! State House of Assembly at 25! Federal House of Assembly at 28! Senate and Governorship at 30! President at 33! It is High time political appointment from Local government to Federal government be from age 20! Or what do we call a political party Youth leader of over 55 years or Minister of Youth of over 60 years!

There is need to have legislation in place for various offenses ranging from looting of public funds, kidnapping, robbery, cyber crime among others.

We need to make any political office a secondary occupation, nobody without primary source of livelihood should be in Governance either through election or by appointment.

There is need to create a law that will enforce family that has at least N10,000,000 net Worth to marry at least once from a family that has or feed on less than N50,000/annum. We need to be our brothers keepers.

There is urgent need to make employment in both Private and Public entities be extremely free and transparent for credible and worthy people to get employed in any place. Not advertising N-Power of N30,000 for the Masses and CBN NNPC and other juicy employment for the rich and wealthy. We need a free employment system and legislation. People with various skills and talent that can promote the Gross Domestic Product, increase exportation, provide Universities of Agriculture graduates and others who want to farm needed machineries in various Local government at a very low rate, provide manufacturers with enabling law to ease means of conducting business. Government officials must buy locally made goods ranging from Vehicles, household consumables, Cloths, Building materials and local labour for our daily needs.

Nigeria will be better, we only need to create the needed law, be selfless and fear God then give us ten years for appraisal. Who is US, UK, Canada, SA, China, France et al? They can never plan like we do only that we lack implementation.

God bless Nigeria!

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