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LOVE SCAM: Religious Pastor From Nigeria Forced To Close Facebook Account

A DAD in drag forced an online scammer to beg for mercy after setting up a honey trap sting.David Walker, 39, wanted to turn the tables on conmen after a friend’s mother lost thousands of pounds to a fraudster who faked romance on the web.So he slapped on make-up and created a Facebook profile for the fictitious ‘Julian Le Flange’ to lure predators.The dad-of-two, from Newcastle, was approached by a ‘religious pastor’ from Nigeria, who declared his love before asking for £689 for a flight. Mr Walker lured the scammer into an exchange ending with him posting a photo of toys labelled the ‘Western Union shop’.

After Mr Walker posted their conversation online the so-called pastor was bombarded with so many prank messages from other Facebook users that he begged ‘Julian’ to tell people to leave him alone.

Mr Walker, who says he has exposed dozens of conmen using similar tactics, said: ‘I have a good friend whose mother unfortunately fell victim to one of these scammers and she lost thousands of pounds. She was very embarrassed and it had a very negative effect on her.

‘Once I shared the pictures on Facebook of how I had strung this man along he started getting loads of messages giving him abuse. He started demanding I tell everyone to stop messaging him. It’s nice to see him get a taste of his own medicine. He was eventually forced to delete his account.’

He said he reported the conmen to Facebook but often there was nothing the site could do because a crime had not yet been committed.

Mr Walker added: ‘My daughters think it’s hilarious, though I don’t show them the conversations as they’re adult only.’

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