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London ​: Evelyn Ogbebor Iguisi Launches Her Book: THE SIN OF A MOTHER!!


This story begins in a small village in Nigeria, with the birth of a beautiful baby girl named Iyobosa,

‘Iyobo’ for short. Little did anyone know that one day, this little girl would go on quite an adventure and change many people’s lives forever. Iyobo was born into a poor family, her father was called Ogidi, and her mother, Itota. Itota was Ogidi’s third and favourite wife much to the anger of Ogidi’s two other wives. Itota wondered what would become of her beautiful girl. Iyobo was her fourth child and her only girl. Very sadly all three of Iyobo’s brothers were unable to walk, which gave way to much talk in the village. But, much to Itota’s delight, Iyobo goes on to flourish and as she gets older decides her mission in life is to find a way of helping children like her brothers and dreams of becoming a doctor. But, then something happens that could end Iyobo’s dreams forever, she just has to find her way through it. Order this book at www.novumpublishing.co.uk

The Date Was: 15th July @ 14:00

Venue: Barking & Dagenham College

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