• Tony Igele


The APC Chairman, John Oyegun and the Anambra Governor, Willie Obiano, have had their words to each other with respect to the coming Anambra elections reported and analyzed.

Oyegun says Obiano should contact the Movers because results in November will move him from Awka to Aguleri, with Obiano retracing the APC chieftain back to his ‘failures’ as Governor of Edo State in the early nineties. Obiano says Oyegun lacks the moral right to instruct him about the way to go about governance, and looking at some facts, he may have a point there.

Governor Obiano is seeking a second-term amidst turbulent occurrences in his state, ranging from the planned disruption of the elections by IPOB and the dark clouds of killings and tanker explosions which may not be directly attributable to the State Government. The APC knows that the Governor is, at this time, prone to distraction and much vulnerability, hence the words of Oyegun and other persons like Chris Ngige in unsettling Obiano and urging him to defect to the ruling party if he wants to keep his seat.

Would it suffice for the APC if Obiano were to join their ranks? Yes, as Ngige alluded to and given that Peter Obi is strengthening his stake in the rebuilding PDP, it could be an option Obiano may consider taking. But it does seem highly unlikely that the man who has always invoked former Biafran leader, Chukwuemeka Ojukwu, in his campaigns will turn to the party perceived by the new Biafran movement, IPOB, to be its arch enemies.

At the end of the day, the words that fly from both quarters are only particles in the grand scheme of the political games that will unveil as the elections draw closer. What everybody is really mindful about are the numbers votes required to win the elections eventually.

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