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Britain: Incomes in Black African Homes are About a Fifth Lower Than White British

HUGE gaps in the living standards of different ethnic groups persist in Britain and are too often being ignored, a new report reveals.

Bangladeshi and Pakistani household incomes are typically over a third lower than the white British median.

Incomes in black African homes are about a fifth lower.

Nevertheless, the Resolution Foundation also said that Bangladeshi households experienced the fastest income growth of 38 per cent in real terms between 2001-03 and 2014-16, and 28 per cent for Pakistani households.

Male Pakistani and Bangladeshi workers saw median pay increase by 28 per cent since 2001, compared with just one per cent for men of other ethnic groups, said the report.

Adam Corlett, senior economic analyst at the foundation, said: ‘Differences in living standards between ethnicities in Britain too often go ignored.

‘This matters because income gaps between different minority ethnic groups and white British households are significant and persistent.

‘However, we should be encouraged that there have been big improvements, such as the impressive employment gains seen among black, Bangladeshi and Pakistani men and women.’

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