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EDHA Thuggery- Disgraceful and a Further Dent to Rebuilding the Edo Reputation Worldwide.

In the present world climate where all Edos, home and abroad, are working tirelessly to rebuild the reputation of Edo State and its citizens, The Edo House of Assembly (EDHA) has just successfully taken us down another couple of notches with the disgraceful act of thuggery witnessed on Monday 14th of August 2017. An all “Agberu” action to oust the current Speaker and swear in a new one, an action that reeks of primitivity and violence that validates the argument that Edo state is ruled by thugs with zero regard for the law or the people they are supposed to serve has just been witnessed.

But let me remind you that the days when Edo people did not talk and allowed successive Edo govts to lead us to poverty and ridicule is over. Everyone connected with that action on 14th August should hide their head in shame as we Edos are currently doing due to their actions.

Varying reports will tell you that members of EDHA have been frustrated for many reasons over a long period of time. Some of those frustrations include being put on 6 weeks enforced and paid holidays in the last 3 months at the discretion of the outed Speaker, abuse of privileges by the Speaker and his family alongside many other things. Did Governor Godwin Obaseki not know about this? Then surely it makes you wonder how much he knows if he does not know of this or its severity to his Government.

Whilst most of us Edos talk about Donald Trump and his delayed response to the events in Charlottesville, it is worth reminding ourselves that there has been no response directly from our Governor Godwin Obaseki, 48 hours and counting, addressing this horror show in the highest legislative house of Edo State EDHA. Perhaps he is too pre-occupied signing agreements, distributing mosquito nets or looking for people celebrating in primary schools to grasp the damaging effect of this EDHA horror show to Edos worldwide. Worse to come was the speech from APC chairman Anslem Ojezua saying that Governor Obaseki has accepted the “change of leadership” and is calling for a peace meeting.

We hope this is not true because what Governor Obaseki ought to do was come out and denounce such an act of thuggery, open a full inquiry and deal with the culprits responsible. Anything less is unacceptable. The right action will help build confidence in his government and the wrong action will do the exact opposite.

Edos are demanding a full inquiry along these lines:

  • The cause of Impeachment

  • The steps taking to address the cause or causes

  • The actions of members of EDHA before such action

  • How can we avoid such an action in the future

  • What measures will be put in place to prevent such actions in future

Such an Inquiry will build confidence in Edo people and we wait for a date to be set for the preliminary hearing.

The Editor

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