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Another "Buhari Resign Protest" Planned For 18th August In London...Time to Think Properly

The message below is for all those planning to participate in the "Buhari Resign Protest" in London . Remember that without Buhari the fight against corruption will end in Nigeria.. Think again and this time think properly. But if still wish to protest, go and buy your camping bag, Jacket and the tools listed below. It is called democracy, Good luck.


There will be a Night Vigil Resume or Resign protest at Abuja House in London This Friday 18th August. The London Metropolitan police has given us the permit to go ahead.

If you are Nigerian and live in the UK, this is the time to make yourself available and save Nigeria.

Refreshments will be made available but if you want to come with your own that's ok.

We have been given parking permission too, so you can come with your car too.

Come with your jacket, or even camping bag. The temperature will go as low as 16* degrees

It's an all night vigil. Come with your candle and torch or use the one on your phones.

We heard APC are trying to pay people £200 for a counter protest. Unfortunately for them the police are going to be there live for our protection. Any counter protest they will be arrested and charged for obstruction.

Time is 5pm till 8am on Saturday

Come one, come all.

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