The Nigerian Immigrants Volunteering to Sweep Italian Streets

Italy has been cracking down on migrants from Libya. This week three aid agencies have stopped their rescue missions on the Mediterranean route from Libya.

97,000 Migrants have reached Italy already this year. It's hard to find a job if you are in the process of claiming asylum but a group of Nigerians living in a migrant camp in Rome have started voluntary street sweeping collective. It was founded by Wisdom and Osas, who came up with the idea because they had no money but did not want to beg on the streets as a lot of Nigerians in Italy now do.

In their own words Osas and wisdom has been living in a refugee camp in Italy for 9 months, they sweep the street to try and help Italia especially rome where the streets are dirty. We are more than 300 Nigerian guys sweeping the streets in Rome, people give us money to appreciate the work we are doing. Italian people say thank you to us for the work we are doing and it makes us happy. They give us €10 a day and it makes us happy, it is better than begging

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