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Caused: Chief Dr Ogiugo Made Himself an Enemy of the Palace and He Was Caused On 17/8/2017

We are not sure what he did and do not have an appropriate story at this point. Some of the guesses on social media can be found below. We will keep you informed.

That man is part of the circle of Chiefs, apparently he did something abominable, he believes with them and he is one of them, sad one there for "Assertion" The Benin traditional pratices remains the strongest in Africa, cultural height of Edo can not be quantified, this traditions has survived so much yrs of and attempt to quench it, if you will remeber Oba Ovonramwen Nogbaisi, pls forgive my spelling as I last wrote in benin language 15yrs ago. The beheading of a white colonialist who attempted to desecrate the land. My father holds a traditional benin title..I was born raised and educated in Benin. "Do not condemn a custom until you understand it".

Jerome Eromosele Oiyibhero he refused to kneel down to greet Oba of benin,what is your opinion?

Iyore Oboite The benin tradition is not like others in Nigeria! Ours can't be toiled with, it cannot be ridiculed! So anyone that tries to toil with it should be ready for the consequences irrespective of his or her age! Oba EwuareII isn't like the former Oba that condoned and pardoned people for misbehaving! This KING is a no nonsense King! Iyare Oba mwen!! Oba mwen gha toh kpere, Ise!!! #ObaOgbori

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