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Gov Obaseki – Edos Do Not Want a Repeat of Oshiomole’s Governance.

Clear your desk and re-prioritise what is good for Edo People is one of the general messages to Gov. Obaseki because we don’t want a repeat of the Oshiomhole’s governorship.

Gov. Obaseki and the anointed Philip have become the Siamese twins of Edo state doing not much other than a good PR exercise. A look back at the Ex Edo Governor Oshiomhole will show you how they are operating Edo state with the same frequency. Oshiomhole was in the papers everyday commissioning every school chair, table, gutter or blackboard APC built in Edo state. Even when he jogged the whole Edo state government house jogged with him. Oshiomhole made everyone a comrade, he used up all the memory space of Edo press cameras, blamed PDP with impunity for 8 years and that was it. When he left office, Edo found out he was a "fraud". He had borrowed billions of dollars in the name of Edo state and developed Iyanhmo in Okada Style.-built himself a new university, a Hollywood mansion and amongst many things established himself as an Edo Political Godfather. Eh what was Lucky Igbinedion accused of? Oshiomhole has not only displayed his envy for Lucky Igbinedion but also eclipsed every allegation Lucky was accused of. “In all this Edo people appear to be just pawns in your game”.

Our mistake as Edos was not speaking out when Oshiomhole was side tracking us with his accusations of PDP for 8 years while robbing us in broad daylight. Fast-forward to Edo state 2017.

Gov Obaseki is doing the same, distributing mosquito net, signing agreements, front pages of all newspapers. Although Obaseki is no jogger, we are told he is a technocrat, so it’s called obaseki’s mechanic, obaseki’s fertilizer, Obaseki’s agreements and so on. It seems like nothing was working in Edo state before the PR APC messiahs of Oshiomole and Obaseki arrived. Things are different now and Edos will ask questions. What is the job of other functionaries within Edo state Government like the commissioners and so on if the Governor is distributing mosquito net and insecticides himself? Why is it that the Governor and his deputy are almost 99% of the time in the same place, commissioning the same thing. During Gov Oshiomole and now Gov Obaseki, crime rate in Edo state has increased and the number of Edo youths trying to cross the Sahara has increased.

Edo State turned 26 years old this weekend 27th August 2017. Gov Obaseki in his message, said they are delivering on their promises of infrastructural developments, job creations, healthcare and a few more things. Governor, we ask the Edo people on ground and there is nothing of the sort. Increased poverty, increased crime, increased willingness to be trafficked is what we find. You are the only one smiling in Edo state newspapers when the real people are suffering. The people are confused. There is no clear timetable on your promises and no accountability on the money you are borrowing in Edo State's name. Why don't you try to re-assure the people by giving definite dates on the projects you are proposing? Tell the Edo people who will own these projects when they are complete. Tell the Edo people how much was borrowed, when it will be paid back and when the state will start running these projects.

Governor Obaseki, a Bini man. Everyone knows the population of Edos in Houston affected by Hurricane Harvey is very high. Go on the internet to see Edos swimming in Hurricane Harvey or speak to loved ones trapped in the tragedy, the situation is very hard just now. Has it not occured to Gov Obaseki to address them or send a message of support/ What is this Govt doing? Do you care about us or only when there is money to be made?

Governor obaseki, all this loud talk about trafficking in getting too one sided. Edos left Edo state in order to provide for our families who could not leave, they are the real victims of successive failed Edo Governments. Fortunately some of us landed in more favorable places than others. Italy, Spain, Russia, Duruto in Libya are not places of hope as we have found out. Nevertheless Gov Obasekis silence against Edos in these hard places is very puzzling because he shows no understanding of why they are there or what he can do if they return. Have you not heard of the skeletons in the Sahara and the deaths of Edos at sea in Libya. Why don't we make efforts to bring their bodies back or get someone there to identify them. Give them befitting funerals for they died due to Edo government’s failings and nothing else.

Can we ask you for the job of our 1st lady? Sources tells us she is based in Lagos. Besides the fact that she came to deliver mosquito net what is she doing for Edo state?

All we hear you do is call millions of dollar partnerships that never make their way to the people that need them. Like Oshiomhole we are scared these millions borrowed in Edos name will end up with you privately somehow.

Edos start asking questions. Tell our leaders what we want is different from what they want. If all western presidents are under scrutiny from their people why must Edo leaders be exempted? Edos will not allow our people be fooled anymore. When will you start creating real jobs for Edo youths? A govt that shows no care for its citizens home and abroad does not breed confidence. You have 4 years, just 4. Start working and stop this Oshiomhole style PR exercise.

For God’s Sake not Godwin, lets get Edo right.

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