• Osazee Osakhuenorkhodin



In our quest to ensure that the interest and collective Destiny of the masses of the people is protected, I wish to write this open letter to Kabiru Adjoto who has just orchestrated a democratic coup against the good people of Edo State.

In a democratic dispensation, every individuals and clan are adequately represented in Government, so as to strike a balance in the distribution of power for the primary purpose of securing the collective interest and destiny of every one.

As we speak, Kabiru Adjoto and his allies are busy exploiting very means possible to relegate and marginalize the Good people of Edo Central and Uhunmwode Local Government in the State democratic dispensation.

We are aware of the fact that the primary reason why Adjoto is marginalizing the people of Uhunmwode Local Government is because of the fact that our representative in the legislative organ of Government is a strong cum viable woman that cannot be easily intimidated.

I wish to advice Adjoto to explore all diplomatic means necessary to investigate and confirm the statement of Elizabeth Ativie where she claims that the Comrade Governor gave her the vehicle which Adjoto is capitalizing on to intimidate the good people of Uhunmwode Local Government Area of Edo State.

For as long as the Comrade Governor is still very active, one would have expected Adjoto to verify the document presented by Ativie to validate her claim that Oshiomhole gave her the vehicle for her personal use instead of adopting a vindictive approach.

I want to assure Adjoto that the people of Edo State cannot be watching while Adjoto confiscate the political cum democratic infrastructure to satisfy his personal needs at the detriment of our people.

We call on Adjoto to vacate the speakership position and return back to statuesque and at the same time he should respect the call of our traditional leaders for him to step down. Adjoto must stop the intimidation of Ativie because she is a woman.

Any attempt for Adjoto to continue on the part of old man rascallity and the use of weapons like the hama he displayed in the house during the process of staging coup against the State will be resisted in all front.

Adjoto and his allies should be rest assured that he will certainly hear from Edo people in a matter of days. Thanks.

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