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Those Edo gods want to kill – ‘Isago gha khian gbe ovbokhan… .. “Benin Youth Council

Benin Youth Council reacts to sacrilegious social media circulation…

Those Edo gods want to kill – ‘Isago gha khian gbe ovbokhan… .. ”

The attention of the Benin Youth Council has been drawn to a set of sacrilegious social-media-circulation aimed at tarnishing the irreplaceable image of the Benins and our ancestry. As ‘Otu -igbama Edo’ the youth age grade organization of the Benin, we wish to aver succinctly as follows:

1. It is a taboo in Benin to conceive of, and spread mischievous tales against the Oba of Benin and the royal family – the consequences transcends beyond the conspirators to their family’s 3rd generation “Obatiebor-Enikaro khien guina” (The Oba doesn’t place a cause, he only petition the ancestors).

2. Yes, His Royal Majesty lost his mother inlaw in an unambiguous case of murder, which the law enforcements are working closely to unravel the executors; and it is therefore expected of all Benins to reflect on the sobriety of the Royal family, while praying towards a timely arrests and prosecution of the devious actors.

3. It is unbelievable that some persons whose identities are not farfetched could flood the social media mill with all sorts of incoherences to tarnish the esteemed image of our monarchy whose historicity transcends western civilization. ‘Emwen Oba re’ Edo unu oooooo’

4. While working closely to identify these social misfits behind this perfidy; we wish to appeal to all lovers of peace, culture, truth and justice to discard the concoctions against our great Oba, and by extension the Edo people worldwide.

5. “Omwan ne’ fieukpe gie Oba – uhuneren oya bie-ekhuerimwin” (Whosoever passes aspersion on the Oba has unwittingly used his head to break into house of death). Certainly, those behind these despicable anti- Benin monarch pontification desired to be mourned for bad deaths, yes they will because OGHIONBA-FUEDE.

6. Those behind this orgy of sacrilege will not be spared. Their spirits have left them, their bodies will serve as good meals for the beasts of the earth.

7. The consequences of doing befitting burials for these sacrilegious-renegades is far more contagious.

Osamede Jackson Osayande

Director –

Action and Mobilization Committee

Benin Youth Council (worldwide).

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