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President Buhari-How Many Bullets Have You Got? Biafra is Only the Beginning.

Dear President Buhari and Nigerian Cabals, let us be clear on one thing, you will have to kill all of us, not only Biafrans but all Nigerians worldwide.

Nigeria's wealth- oil, minerals, gases etc from the last 30 years to date have been controlled by cabals,1% Nigerians, North and South. They have refused to give up power because their corruption is of a continuous nature, the fathers, the sons, the mothers, the daughters and the family members. Hence today Nigeria is the personal property of these cabals. The only 2 ways of living in Nigeria is to have someone overseas or be sycophants to the corrupt class. Anything other than that then you are a very very poor man which makes up the majority of Nigerians. Most Nigerian graduates are okada drivers, beggers, kidnappers, armed robbers, traffickers, prostitutes and many are dead from hardship. That’s how the cabals like it 30 years to date.

When Brexit and Donald Trump came in, overseas became a dead option and Nigerian masses have looked to their government for urgent change. After stealing all the nation’s wealth, the Nigerian government then decided that it will give its people "farming ". To achieve this the Nigerian government will further mortgage Nigeria and this mortgage will be controlled by the same cabals that have run Nigeria down for 30 years.

  • Enough is enough, our mumu don do, President Buhari I ask some simple questions:

  • Why doesn't Buhari go against the cabals and recover Nigeria’s billions of dollars?

  • Why can't Buhari give power to the people in elections? They do not want anybody else to see the books?

  • Why is Buhari mortgaging what is left of Nigeria in the name of Farming

  • How can Buhari continue eating our oil wealth whilst sending us to the farm?

The long overdue Nigerian revolution has just begun. Nigeria has been at war for the last 10 years but the Cabals were too busy looting to notice what they have caused. Ritualists, child killing, skeletons in the Sahara, deaths in the Mediterranean sea, rape, prostitution, armed robbery, kidnapping, high mortality rate, no hospital, no electricity, no water, no schools, no roads and many more ills have become an everyday occurrence. Look across the border and see how Nigerians overseas are being treated, start locally from Ghana, South Africa and Libya, then internationally to UK, Europe and USA, either they are killing us, deporting us or shaming us. We have no choice because the Nigerian cabals want it that way. There is a difference now, Nigerians have identified the enemy. Nigerians have identified the same enemy and we are prepared to make you face the same fate we are facing, you have no choice!

The pathetic reforms being offered to Nigerians, that the cabals also want to run, is not good enough. Whilst they steal they tell the people go back to the village and start farming and will give you foreign fertilizer. How shameful! All of you will go, democratically or by force.

Biafra is a war between the poor and the rich thieves. The rich have stolen everything from the poor man and want to continue doing so until eternity, that is the Nigerian story. Biafra is a symbol of what is going on all throughout Nigeria. President Buhari if you shoot Nnamdi Kanu then you will see war and make no mistake, the cabals will not win.

One wonders what the cabals expected to happen in the end after the treatment they've given to their people purely out of greed. Today whether its Syria, Iraq or Libya, Nigerians are now ready to take Nigeria to that level if that's what it will take to get our country back.

You will either need more bullets or be civil/ step aside now. We will take Nigeria from the Cabals.

The Editor

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