• Tony Igele

Why It Is Improper To Proscribe Fulani Herdsmen

Some people are against the labelling of Indigenous People of Biafra a terrorist group simply because the government is yet to do same for "suspected" Fulani herdsmen that have been causing havoc in parts of the country. But I disagree with such line of thought.

There is no need to be emotional about this subject, people should familiarise themselves with Nigeria Antiterrorism (Protection) Act to see what constitute terrorism, so as to properly appreciate the situation.

IPOB is a terrorist group when you consider the conducts and deeds of their leader Mr Nnamdi Kanu and the group itself and juxtapose them with what constitute terrorism according to the Act. Their conducts contravenes Section 2b and 2c of the Nigeria Antiterrorism (Protection) Act 2011.

That IPOB is classified a terrorist organisation does not in anyway justify the atrocities of the suspected herdsmen.

The problem with that of the suspected herdsmen is that the "herdsmen" is a term for people in the business of cattle rearing and you can't classify those in the line of business as terrorists, you can't even classify MACBAN/Miyetti Allah as such because the association itself does not "openly" support the evil act perpetrated by some of the members as alleged unlike IPOB. Some of them even argued that cattle rustlers not herdsmen are behind the evil attributed to them.

Also, you can't classify "Fulani" a terrorist group because Fulani is a tribe irrespective of the ethnic group of the alleged perpetrators of the heinous crime, same way Igbo wasn't classified terrorists but IPOB despite IPOB members being predominantly Igbo.

Personally, I classify suspected herdsmen that engage in killing of innocent Nigerians as "terrorists" masquerading as herdsmen but I refused to classify the herdsmen itself as terrorists as doing so would be unfair to law abiding people that are engaged in that line of business. Same way it is absolutely wrong for anybody to credit the irresponsible deeds of IPOB group to Igbo tribe or the entire Biafra apologists- we all know that there are thousands of Biafra apologists that doesn't subscribe to the IPOB ideology and it will be of great disservice to humanity and unfair to them to rope them in for what they neither subscribed to nor encouraged.

This is not a matter of sentiment let us be guided and embrace peaceful coexistence and even if "we" want out, there are legitimate and proper route to follow because self determination is the right of all.

May God Bless Us All And Bless Nigeria

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