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Edo Connect: What We Heard From Governor Nasir El-Rufai at Chatham House, London.

Edo Connect: What We Heard From Governor Nasir El-Rufai at Chatham House, London.

Sometimes it is so confusing breaking down big journalism write ups and taking the parts that affect you or you can affect immediately. The Governor of Kaduna State Mallam Nasir Ahmad was in London yesterday for a conference called "Next Generation Nigeria: What is restructuring and does Nigeria need it”

Edo Connect was present at Chatham House for this briefing including the Q&A session. Besides explaining the challenges facing Nigeria and what the federal government is doing to address them (see full report on www.edoconnect.com), Governor El Rufai also made several insightful comments. See below.

  • It is those not in power that are pushing for re-structuring.

  • Younger brands thinking Nigerian political power will be handed to them are joking. They have to go home and be part of the system. The current government were once young themselves.

  • Nigerian elections are good, it is the quality of candidates that is very bad. Good candidates must go home and fight for recognition.

  • Nigerians do not pay taxes, everybody is reliant on oil allocation.

  • In developing other Nigerian resources and Minerals, if the federal government gives you license, the state or local govt can veto it.

Issues like reviewing revenue allocation, devolution of powers, political party or independent candidacy, 3 tier governments and giving more power to the states were also discussed. He confessed it is easy to pass legislation now because we have 24 Apc governors.

The best 3 questions from the Q & A with Mallam Nasir El Rufai were:

  1. If Nigeria is not going to be over reliant on oil what is the Government's plan on private public partnerships that can create jobs and increase taxes for the state?

His reply: No clear answer here.

  1. What is the government doing to train the younger generation on Nigerian Politics, like political youth forums in secondary schools to mentor good future leaders?

His reply: He promised to take that away to higher powers, very good point.

  1. An English lady who works in Kaduna asked if there was a chance in Nigerian government for the many brilliant young Nigerians she has been working with in Nigeria for many years?

His reply: They must fight to be part of the system.

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