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Breaking News! Deputy Leader of IPOB Mazi Uche Mefor Declare 1st October a day of Mourning

Deputy leader of IPOB Mazi Uche Mefor declare 1st October a day of mourning, no celebration anywhere in Biafra land ,no green white green.

To all (IPOB) Indigenous People Of Biafra and Biafrans worldwide most especially Biafrans in Biafra land, 1st October should not be celebrated in Biafra land! We must teach the zoo that we own Biafra land territory.

Disassociate yourselves and children from every celebration of the zoo that has to do with 1st October the zoo former Independence Day. We cannot be called terrorists and still be celebrating with our accusers.

1st October in Biafra land 2017, will be like grave yard. It does not matter what these governors are doing... They said they've wiped out IPOB but we will show them come 1st October that we cannot, and can never be intimidated.

Biafrans in Biafra land, the zoo flag ⛳ must not be seen in our possession come first October 2017. As a matter of importance, Radio Biafra London will be streaming live come 1st October 2017, to observe the total compliance of Biafrans all over the world and Biafra land in particular.

Signed Alphonsus Uche Okafor-Mefor Mefor, Deputy Leader of IPOB.

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