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Edo Youth Entertainers ask BTC Benin Traditional Council, Tell us our mistake?


C clear Odiase wrote...

Pls tell us *(EdoEntertainers)* our mistakes

Over the years we have persevered in our various talents, even when the music done is being sang in a vernacular. It has been Less response because we want to make our culture more popular...

From history we were told that the afemai's, Esan's, migrated from the noble Kingdom of Benin hence we are one in the state.

In the country Nigeria, we as a state (Edo State) have been few (minority) hence we as an Entertainers have been doing immensely to Preach nd teach our culture/dialect through music to our children, friends nd other people outside the country...

Even when we see our colleague in the music industry grows rapidly because of their mother tongue plunked in the music... We persevered nd hoped to ourselves that some day people will listen to us...

History again have it when the monarch assumed the throne, he advised us the Bini to improve in our speaking language, in our homes, school etc... Yes I was encouraged nd the Entertainers who have been doing this improved by preaching, advertising nd teaching the language through music...

Those who could not sing by mixing bini, afemai nd Esan into English songs left Benin city for lagos nd today many are heard all over the country and beyond...

I would have loved to sing like Davido.

Yes if my own people encourages me

I would have love to sing like Olamide

Yes if only the head of the Bini traditional Council encourage me

Like the Oba of lagos does to Olamide...

*Pls tell us our mistakes...*

Ist a mistake for us to hail from Edo State?

Ist a mistake for us to sing and add our own dialect?

Why will a coronation anniversary of our king who always advised us to always put our languages into books, music's be done without featuring any Edo hip-hop /R&B Entertainers.

We have a lots of Edo hip-hop star who without saying "Oba ghator kpere" into their songs they don't sing... Where are they?

Where's Oligbese, slizzy, eyezy, eazy quest, black IQ, Lblack, GP, Bulkwide, Zik, 3.6, One touch, ovbioba, Ag, KessyT, spurz the Nero, lim Jay, tyson k, Ikjeff, pls give me more names?

In other words we have more local musicians who also sings in their dialect affiliated to the Bini Kingdom... The lives of Waziri, afile, emperor wadada, young Bolivia Osigbeme... Etc

When shall we be encouraged if after all our obedience, we can not sing for the monarch to dance in physical...?

Can Oba of Ibadan be doing anything nd a bini afro hip-hop star be invited to perform in their events?

Let me remind you that it was king sunny Ade who join forces to chase away our very own legendary Victor Uwaifo from Lagos in the then 70's

We shall ask this question again nd again, where have we got it wrong by doing hip-hop music with our tribes???

Who ever that's in charge of entertainment in the committee should as a matter of importance therefore alter the program and make it right.... Thanks...

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