• Amafe Jessica

Relegating Edo State Artists Continue

If you devalue yourself, nobody will prize you high. Let's not keep quiet in the face of injustice.

How can artist be coming from Lagos when we are building entertainment industry in Edo?

Recently I was at the Edo entertainment night organised by Daniel Pikolo, where we saw some fresh talents who are under utilized. Edo got talents.

How can you buy flight tickets for artist from Lagos, provide security, accommodation and even pay them to perform in Edo? Yet they couldnt invite just one home base artist to compliment these people.

Same thing happen when it comes to event management, you bring tents from Lagos, caterers and everything from Lagos who don't pay tax or contribute kobo to Edo, but you cannot patronize tax payers in our state. Who told you there are no tent in Edo? Who told you there are no event manager in Edo? Who told you there are no caterers in Edo? I can give your list of these people in Benin, only 70 grill can give you the best meal.

It will shock you that bloggers are paid from outside the state to blog, yet they keep looking for who to give #5,000 in Edo to post for them, those bloggers you paid millions of naira, do they have 10 heads? They started from somewhere in case you don't know. Buy laptops and give your social media influencers the opportunity to learn and see them expand.

MC, let's not go there at all, if your MC is not from Edo just forget it, they will so thrill you with entertainment, you prize them like cray fish but you can pay flight tickets for MC from another state.

Technocrats Lagos, social media Lagos, is Lagos centre for Edo?

If you are a youth, we must come together to speak in one voice, how long shall we continue to keep quiet?

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