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London: An Evening Of Enterpreneurs Hosted By Dr Richard Obahor

As a Black African in the UK I know that becoming an entrepreneur is a dream can appear to be beyond you. You are constantly working a 9-5, constantly thinking about how to stretch your next pay check and how to do it all over again. Day in day out, hour after hour and even when you find something that appeals to you, something you are passionate about, you always feel you are too tangled with your routine, or the red tape required to take that leap in your life is too much.

On Saturday evening, 14th October 2017 at the Bulgari Hotel, Knightsbridge, Dr Richard Obahor presented several successful entrepreneurs from our own African background to inspire a crowd of predominantly young African upcoming entrepreneurs. His message was no matter what struggles you may find on your way, you are not alone. The inspirational speakers spoke about how you must trust yourself, work hard, where to get solutions and why you must never give in to challenges. The speakers all connected with the crowd which created a most natural positive energy flow that is hard to replicate. Ire Hassan Odukale (Ikoyi London founder) was great, Keye Oduneye (Ceo of Keyes London Bespoke) was energetic, Mariam Mola (The 500 Mentor) was so natural, Sheun Onamusi (TM Lewin Nigeria) was passionate, Wale Oladunjoye and Udo Maryanne Okonjo make up a line-up of our own inspirational speakers that have really walked the walk. Emma Jones MBE from LBC radio and Mr Paul Oberschneider rounded things up fabulously.

The Anchorman Charles Ajayi-Khiran whose events I have attended before still managed to blow me away AGAIN with a spotless performance. His style and ease captivates his audience. He continues to stand him out and I wish he anchored all the occasions I attend.

My final thanks for a wonderful night goes to the Host and organiser of Be an Entrepreneur, Dr Richard Obahor. You have surely made a difference in people’s lives. The drive, ambition and know how you put into your work for your community will be rewarded abundantly by the generations you are inspiring. You are highly appreciated.

Oh my God, may I add that the red Lamboghini behind me is really not mine because my phone is already ringing.


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