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Fraud in Nigerian Embassy Madrid: €40 Euros for Edo name.

Nigerian Embassy Madrid accused of Fraud! €40 for Edo name

Nigerian Embassy Madrid has been accused of many illegal practices by Edos in Spain.

During the current leg of Mega Comrade Eranomigho Edegbe’s European Freedom tour which has seen him Stop in Italy, Spain and London, Edos in Spain have laid serious complaints about the treatment they receive at the hands of staff in Nigerian Embassy Spain, Madrid. The severity of the things complained about cannot be underestimated. We must all do our best to make sure that we highlight such bad practices that extorts and increases hardship not just for Edos but for all Nigerians in Europe seeking a better life. Europe is not easy but if The Nigerian embassy officials abroad are making it harder for their own citizens then something needs to be done about it.

In Spain, Edos complained about rife corruption in the Nigerian Embassy based in Madrid. The complaints are:

  1. Staff at Nigerian embassy Madrid collect money for a 64 page passport and only give you 32 pages. They do not give you a refund for the balance

  2. Staff in Nigerian Embassy Madrid charge Nigerians for character reference. A character reference (Police certificate) is needed to get residency in Spain. It is impossible to go back to Benin after 10-15 years in Spain, to obtain such a report. Nigerian Embassy Madrid charge exorbitant amounts from Nigerians for a character reference.

  3. Staff at Nigerian Embassy Madrid charge €40 to verify a Nigerian name: To register your child in Spain you go to the Spanish alutamental to write the name of your child in the local government register. At the Alutamental the Spanish staff told a Bini man that Osatohamwen is not a Nigerian name and they do not understand it. He had to go to the Nigerian Embassy Madrid to certify the name. The Nigerian embassy Madrid charged him €40 euros to give him a letter to Alutamental.

  4. Unlike other embassies around the World, the Nigerian embassy Madrid employs a Romanian security Guard not a Nigerian. The Romanian guard has asked Nigerians to stay outside in the rain. Whilst maybe there is no employment law stipulating the embassy must employ Nigerians, the embassy will do well to learn from Embassies all over the world who show empathy by employing indigenes of the state in the international community.

  5. Lastly the issue of a Nigerian passport having a 5-year duration instead of 10 years is hurting Nigerians abroad. What does the Nigerian government need to change that and what reasons is the government using to justify a 5 year passport.

Edos in Spain did praise Bianca Ojukwu for renovating the Nigerian Embassy Madrid and improving the service when she was ambassador. Things have now gone from bad to worse and they want the Minister of Foreign affairs to consider these serious allegations. Sharing this story will go a long way to bringing awareness to these problems. Our Special praises to Clement Eranomigho for the good work he does.


The Editor

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