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Edo Government is Stealing Indigenes’ Ideas , Time to Start Showing us Respect. Our Story. Edoconnec

Two Days ago the UN Deputy Secretary General, Amina Mohammed, asked older Nigerians to pave the way for youths, she stated that if you do not give youths opportunities they will easily fall victims of crimes. She urged Nigerian leaders to start creating leadership opportunities and stop competing with the younger ones for employment. She told the diaspora in the audience that home really does need us.

Edo Connect has been good for the community. Two years ago the outlook of the Edo Community was grim. We were in the fore front of trafficking, kidnapping, prostitution, ritualism, child slavery and every other ill available. In Edo state we were bad, in Nigeria we were bad, in Europe we were bad. The government then was not paying attention to the social damage the Edo community was witnessing because that was not in the forefront of their thoughts.

In came Edo Connect from the UK diaspora: Edo connect did the research of how we arrived at this position, the effects of our actions, and how we can tackle it. We need a combination of Edo forces from the diaspora, the Edo state government and our traditional strengths to tackle the problem.

Edo connect started from the Edo diaspora UK: Putting the first Edo programme on Sky TV. We bought the slot, produced Edo programmes, interviewing positive members of the Edo diaspora like Mr Ayo Ambrose Alli, Eng Chris Ogiemwonyi to talk about the election, Obaseki solicitors to talk about trafficking, Chief Steve Dunstone who brought back the Benin artefacts in 2014 and Benin elders to talk about our tradition consistently. We gave the Edo international community a different focus rather than our grim problems. Edo connect went on the produce the Edo connect news from the diaspora. We organised the UK celebration of the coronation of our new King so that the diaspora could take part, we did the Igun Street documentary. Edo Connect galvanised the Edo community in London.

Our next stop was Edo state to see the government and update them of the situation on what we must do to communicate change, hope and start delivering solutions. We met several high ranking government officials, we did not see the Governor but they promised he would not only be briefed but would see the proposal which I can confirm he did.

Seeing things from our proposal being manifested without contacting us is disgusting, demoralising and uninspiring. Furthermore, the fact that these things cannot be implemented properly to yield the desired result is criminal. May I say that the spat of kidnappings and armed robbery in Edo state could be drastically reduced if Governor Obaseki had called us before trying to implement our hard-fought ideas.

Edo Connect has been good for the Edo community Worldwide and deserve the opportunity to take Edo state to the next level. This is what the Deputy U.N Secretary General is saying to Edo state Government.

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