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Nuclear War Looming: Bunker Sales up As US Frets Over Korea

SALES of nuclear bunkers have surged in the US amid fears over Donald Trump’s row with North Korea.

About 100 have been installed this year by one firm alone, which normally shifts just 30.

Far from the drab, dark concrete dugouts you might expect, they can cost as much as £110,000 and are designed to allow Americans to sit out Armageddon in comfort. Roberta Munoz from New Mexico is among customers who have bought bunkers featuring kitchens, bunk beds, toilets and living rooms from Atlas Survival Shelters. Hers also has wi-fi and cable TV, although she may find her viewing choices will be limited if the worst comes to pass. North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s efforts to amass a nuclear arsenal — and the threats and taunts President Trump has made in response — have left Ms Munoz fearing a bomb. ‘Down here I feel safe,’ she told Channel 5 News. She has spent £5,300 stocking up on long-life food and water — but her husband Fernando won’t be joining her in the bunker.‘The Lord God put me here and if it’s his choice to take me out then come on, baby, let’s go,’ he said.

Reported by metro031117

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