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Edo State’s Godwin Obaseki is World Leader of The Week.

In a week where World Leaders have been found wanting Edo state’s Governor Godwin Obaseki have come out on Top. Take a read to see how

USA This Week : Let’s look at American president Donald Trump’s official visit to Japan where he displayed his brasher instincts by almost choking the much loved Koi carp fish in Akanaka Palace Tokyo and chastised his hosts Prime Minister Shinzo Abe for unfair trade practices before an audience of Japanese and US business leaders. Trump even slighted his first lady Melanie who was still getting out of their armoured car- The Beast-while her husband made small talk with his hosts at the entrance of the imperial palace.

United Kingdom This Week: In the UK this week is the “Paradise Papers” news scandal revealing that the Queen’s Duchy of Lancaster invested £10m in an offshore tax haven. The latest leak of the offshore arrangements of many of the world’s richest people, dubbed “Paradise Papers” has revealed that the Duchy of Lancaster-which provides the Queen of England with a private income-holds funds in the Cayman Islands and Bermuda. The money is diverted into accounts which are sheltered from UK tax, which then make investment decisions on their behalf. The Papers reveal the Duchy made a small investment in the controversial rent-to-buy furniture firm “Brighthouse” which was ordered to payback £14.8m to its customers last week after the Financial Conduct Authority said it had not acted as a “responsible leader”

Nigeria This Week: President Buhari finally released a full list of all appointments made by his office on May 29,2015. The presidency released the list in reaction to a newspaper publication in which northerners are alleged to have dominated President Buhari’s appointment. Well, search for the list online and you will see why. Its lop-sided Northern indeed.

Edo State This Week: Edo State’s Governor Godwin Obaseki received 84 Libya returnees to Edo State. He did it with compassion, he hugged the children, he showed he has been following the stories of their plight. Nothing compares to a politician driven by emotions to perform well. He gave them hope of training, jobs and re-integration into the society. We hope your warm message connects with other Edos in Libya and they too will want to return home. We thank you Godwin Obaseki for being our World leader of the week.

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