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Edos International: The West Should Have Closed Their Gates To Us.

I could shy away and cover another story tell me which one would you like? Another story about Edos being trafficked, Edos being raped, dead Edos in the Sahara, Edos sold as slaves in Libya, Edos in deportation camps in Italy, Edos prostituting in Russia and Europe or Edos suffering police brutality. Edo people tell me which one do you like? For God who made me knows that any other Nigerian tribe in the World, blessed with the resource of Edo people internationally, will have done more to help their under privileged passing through these horrendous tragedies. Any other race but Edos.

Before anybody jumps to the usual defences of “are they the only ones in hardship”? “These people are not all Edos”? and “why don’t they stay at home”? I think you would know by now that maybe you could have done more a few years ago since you have been hearing of these tragedies. More to try and meet them half way, more to find out for yourself if they are all Edos, more to find out why they are still picking this choice and more ways you can help them now the choice has been taken.

For over 2 years I have watched and listened to the international Edo bystanders in the UK and USA respectively. The rich, the affluent, the professional, the manual worker, the male, the female- all of them. Let me tell you, none of your excuses would not have gotten you across the gates into the UK and USA, only compassion did. The same compassion you cannot show to yourselves. Edos have imported abroad an act of self- wickedness.

By your actions today the West should have closed their gates to us Edo People, for I am ashamed to participate in the “cold conversations and excuses” we use against each other. The stigma against kindness that only Edos can find comfort in is very worrying. All around us internationally is defined by darkness. Edos won’t help themselves, they won’t help their community, they won’t help their children, they won’t help the ones in need. You won’t help anybody so who would help you?

Our interest in buying bigger houses abroad and oppressing each other has led us to the bottom of the pile. Am I saying something new? Edos international look around you, our position is last because we are failing in basic human duties. Leave the government out of this.

Edos international have been blessed with education, good jobs, houses and families yet you cannot unite and run a community to help yourselves and your brothers and sisters. I wonder how much money we need? Are Edos the only one who need money? How come everybody else can do more for themselves with what they have than us? How?

I don’t subscribe to the general notion that Oba Ovoranwen was angry with us. I subscribe to the reality that I know over a 1000 successful Edos across the UK and USA who have been favoured by others but who will not give a penny for their dying brothers or sisters nor even their voice unless there is some financial benefit for them. But they call themselves rich. They are interested in building houses in Edo state and buying bigger houses abroad, oppressing each other , leave the government out of this- look at yourself. A glance at Edos and the Nigerian entertainment industry will tell you a story. Yorubas, Igbos and every other Nigerian tribe are kind to themselves. Edos are still talking bla bla and can’t engage our youths

Our stigma against kindness is killing only us and nothing seems to be able to wake us up. Another 26 unnamed bodies buried this week in Italy, thousands of dead bodies in the Sahara and Edos international are still acting like it’s not our concern, asking for Edo youths to rise. I beg your pardon, Sir, I believe it’s time for you to rise to the challenges yourself.

Edos international it’s time to stand up and be counted as human beings because what we are currently seeing in the mirror are “Edos” who do not deserve any of the western compassion that is currently being afforded. Time is already against us.

The Editor

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