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ITALY: Gov. Obaseki Accused Of Trafficking Lies

Edos in Italy have accused Edo state’s Governor Godwin Obaseki of lying to his international partners about his developments in Edo State. The Governor has also been accused of sneaking in and out of Europe, shunning the Edo International community and politicking with Edo lives dying in the Sahara.

On November 22nd Gov Obaseki was in Italy telling the Italian Govt led by Laura Baldini, President of Italian Chamber of Commerce, that his administration has built “Formidable structures and systems” in Edo state to receive and integrate victims of human trafficking and illegal migration who are indigenes of Edo state. He told the Italian Government that Edos dying in Libya and those with no documents in Europe should return or be returned home and that his administration has created jobs and built infrastructures for them. But Edos in Italy and Edo State say these are lies! Lies, lies, Why is he Gov. Obaseki lying? We challenge Gov Obaseki to show us the structures and the Jobs.

They said whilst Edos worldwide are rooting for Edo State and Governor Obaseki to do well, the very questionable trend of Obaseki’s international escapades and worryingly mixed messages to his international partners needs to be checked. Edos are in a precarious situation openly faced with challenges internally and externally. Challenges of security, human trafficking, sex trafficking, investment and job creation so why is the Governor asking for Edos to be deported when you have not created any jobs for them? Human trafficking is a battle for every Edo person to fight and we do not need a lying Governor in the way of this fight.

Furthermore the Governor did not bother to inform the Edo Community in Italy of his arrival nor did he bother to visit them whilst he was in Italy. Did Governor Obaseki not think of the motivational value his presence in the Edo community in Italy would do in the fight against all forms of trafficking? Sneaking in and out of European countries with heavy Edo presence is nothing new with Obaseki. He did it last month on his visit to London (Oct 27th) to sell his Alaghodaro summit to the London Stock Exchange. Obaseki went to London without informing or seeing the Edo Community in the UK including the Odionwere.

Taking pictures with leading influential politicians in Europe and being dishonest about developments in Edo state will not do Edos any good. Politicking with young Edo lives dying in the Sahara or encouraging the European govt to deport Edos will not help either. The truth about Edo State, how successive governments have failed us and the missed opportunities to motivate Edos in the respective european locations would help for starters but then again, not to Governor Obaseki, the free travelling civilian he so clearly wants to be known as

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