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Gov. Godwin Obaseki Must Resign, Vote of “No Confidence” From Edos Worldwide:

Many reliable sources suggested from the get-go the forced installation of Godwin Obaseki as governor of Edo State spelt a bad omen for Edo people. The credentials of his forefathers as they were the highest betrayers of our land overlooked: The calls that Godwin Obaseki has never held any public office ignored and the fact he was not known to Benin people was kept quiet. They said he was a technocrat and Edos gave him a chance. How gullible and bribed were we! What a lack of candidates they were! 13 months on and the phrase “by their fruits you shall know them” has never become more obvious to us Edo People. Godwin Obaseki has dragged Edos to the ridicule and mercy of not just Nigeria and Africa but the world at large. The man has proved at every junction that he is not up to the Job, that he does not know us and neither do we know him.

As if the gruesome images currently making their rounds across the world of Edos being killed, raped, burned, punished, sold as slaves and organs ripped out for sale is not enough, Governor Obaseki went to the Italian Parliament this week to further compound us. Godwin stood in front of the Italian Parliament on the 22nd of November 2017 and said “the deaths, slavery and torture of Edo people in Libya is down to Europe’s fault for legalizing prostitution. He said prostitution as a trade is very attractive to Edo people and this is the root of the problem (see the video interview from the Edo House of Assembly speaker Adjoto who accompanied Obaseki to Italy) . Godwin Obaseki then begged the Italian government for money to try and stop Edo youths from embarking on this journey. At this point I knew Godwin Obaseki was either sick, mad or totally delusional because you never asked your Godfather Oshiomole about Iyahmo university’s cash, the Central hospital fraud or what was done with the billions borrowed against Edo state.You never accounted for the Paris club refund nor did you ask your private jet friends that attended your vague fertilizer and Alaghodaro summits for our money. But you feel free to talk around the world about attraction to prostitution. I believe you know the true cause of these atrocities is the grand theft of money by your administration that has driven well placed Edo citizens to these desperate ways of survival but I guess you will never connect to what it means to have no food or a future and what that can drive you to do, and that is why your utterances are so poor.

Before I move on I want to remind everyone of what Godwin obaseki has actually achieved as Governor of Edo state in 13 months:

  • He has not created any jobs, not the 200,000 promised, not 50,000, not 20,000, not 10,000, not 1,000. Maybe 50 with your traffic Wardens.

  • Obaseki is obsessed with the press much like his predecessor Adams Oshiomole. On the ground you have not done anything.

  • Your administration has increased armed robbery and kidnapping in Edo State to unprecedented level.

  • Your administration is responsible for thousands of Edo youths running into death, rape and slavery in Libya.

  • Your administration has lied to Edos locally and raised their taxes to offset the monies you have taken.

  • Your administration has betrayed Edos internationally by not only lying about us to the Italian Parliament but also showing you do not care about us by sneaking in and out of Europe without checking how the Edo communities are especially in such a delicate time

  • Your administration has not empowered any youths or any immediate Edo causes like that can curb youth unrest . The list goes on.

For the sake of Edo people this walking catastrophe called Godwin Obaseki should do the honourable thing and resign. In any job in the world the buck stops with the man at the top and seeing what Edos are going through it is only right for Obaseki to resign. Go back to Texas with your one trick “farming” pony that has failed you, and unfortunately us. Edos are far more dynamic than you will care to understand and the era where people of your kind should rule us is what we must put a stop to.

Resign and get out of town Godwin for Edos have well and truly had enough of you

The Editor

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