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Edo Youths it’s Time to Take the Jobs: Governor Obaseki It’s Time to Show the Jobs

With emotions still running very high following the CNN slavery report, the media outrage is forcing the Government to defend itself, which in turn focuses the public on the issue. So, with the focus of the world now on Edo state there has never been a better time to properly highlight all Edo problems and how we can address them. After all there is nothing stopping us now since the entire world knows about it. Edo State has a problem.

As we have seen and heard, the biggest problem that has caused many Edo lives to perish in the Mediterranean and Sahara is jobs, lack of jobs in Edo state.

No jobs for graduates, no jobs for non-graduates, no jobs for girls, no jobs for boys, no jobs for fathers and no jobs for mothers, even pensioners are saying they are not getting their pensions. We have also noticed that only Governor Obaseki from Edo state was in Italy this last week to talk about the problem. No Delta governor, no Ghanaian minister etc, just Edo because of our high presence in Libya and Italy. It’s time we face it. Edos in Libya and Italy is no longer a thing to be ashamed of. It is our reality, It’s our collective shame and it’s our collective responsibility to fix it. Collective.

So how do we start? Surely we have been impressed by the swift response of the federal government in bringing 2 airplanes loaded with Nigerians from Libya over the last week. Surely, we have also heard impressive promises of jobs and betterment in Edo state for them. So in order to make sure that this is not just lip service which will lead to an increase in crime rate and people looking for ways back into the Sahara, it is time to ask the real questions and face the real challenges.

Where are the jobs in Edo State? What are the jobs in Edo State? Are the Jobs ready? When will the Jobs be ready? What types of Jobs are available? How easy is it to get these jobs? Are Edo youths refusing the jobs? What has the government done to ensure every Edo person is employable? If the jobs are not there what are we doing to help the youths in the meantime? What are the wages of the job in connection to the standard of living in Edo state? The patriotism in Edo State is broken. What is very clear is that no government can ignore the wounded scars in Edo people caused by over 20 years of neglect. It is no good simply telling everybody to farm? The effects of many years of basic neglect has seriously damaged Edos self-esteem hence we are witnessing this tragedy in Libya. These things must be done before the people can trust the government. What will be unacceptable is for us to start arguing, building divisions and factions instead of uniting and tackling the problem head on.

Some of the details emerging from Libya also show that Edos were held captive in farms to work day and night for very little money and in very hard conditions until they have paid up the sums they were sold for. Edo youths, we are truly sorry to see you go through this pain. Its more painful when we know we can do better in Edo state and this is what we must do. For the legacy of our loved ones lost in Libya and the Sahara we must dedicate all our seriousness and focus to ensure that not only us but our Edo children and great grandchildren will never ever think of such a dreadful thing like Libya again. We must lay the foundations of hard work at home and Governor Obaseki must take the queue. He must be flexible, dynamic and accessible. Only a fool will think it’s the government who is running Edo state, it is the Edo diaspora and has been so for the last 20 years. These are stakeholders who are intellectually rich by default and must not be palmed off. The Governor must take advantage of their accessibility for Edo state to progress.

Edo must start action and stop lip servicing. We must engage everybody There are jobs flying in from everywhere right now and Edo youths must take them. From London Dr Stephen Ogbomwan of St Gable Hospital benin-city has just posted these jobs for Edo youths and you must take them. If you are in diaspora and have job opportunities in Edo state send it to us we will publicise them and Edo youths you must take them. We must all work harder for the Edo State we want.

Please see Dr Ogbomwan’s Edo jobs below. We are appealing to members of the Edo diaspora with job opportunities in Edo state to let us know. Edo youths you have a responsibility to accept Edo jobs as we have found out it is the same if not worse anywhere else.

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