• Aaron Osayi

Edos Look What We Have, An Armoured Truck For Kidnappers?

Just when you think you have seen it all, Edo state Govt have just toppled their last joke and received delivery of this beautiful armoured truck for kidnappers. Yes, only for kidnappers. There are unemployed youths that need opportunities, instead of the Governor focusing our resources on that and maybe more effective policing, he thought it wiser to waste hundreds of thousands on an armoured truck. I feel so safe now I have to thank Obaseki.

I wonder how much we will spend on the Edo army to maintain it?

How hard is it for Edo state government to know what its people want? In the midst of slavery, no jobs, no water, no food, salaries unpaid, no hospital, people dying for lack of basic needs and so many other things. I just can’t see how an armoured truck will help.

Obaseki is manufacturing things to do that does not connect with Edos. Why not teach them instead of wasted technology conferences? Why not bring the Edo festival and tourism to the Edo diaspora or do you really think you have other tourists to impress? New ways to steal better than your predecessor is what we are seeing.

Governor Obaseki orders an armoured truck and sits in it to the applause of hungry Edos is a shameful headline. Where is your head, your heart and mind, definitely not with Edos.

Thank me later

Aaron Osayi

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