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CNN Freedom Project of Edo State.

Thank you Bishop Aghahowa.

I hope you saw the CNN FREEDOM PROJECT on human trafficking yesterday.

Benin City is consistently being mentioned as the source of the human trafficking in Nigeria and the world. It is a shame on all of us.

People blamed the system of primogeniture but I placed the blame on materialism. The greed and unhealthy competition in the polygamous families to do better than their mates also contribute.

It was very sad watching the CNN FREEDOM PROJECT done in Rome and anchored by Richard Quest.

The divining native doctor with the Edo coral beads brought shame and cold shivers to my whole being. It was a rape of our culture in the market place. I wept for my people.

I still believe in my theory as a tax payer that the earlier government failed us as a people which was made worse by tribalism and nepotism which is very rife in Nigeria. This was further compounded by the quota system which is to the disadvantage of intelligent Edo girls who are denied opportunities to create space for the less academically endowed from other states.

If Edo and Nigerian resources were not concentrated in a few hands due to theft and diversion of our commonwealth, our daughters will be either in a good secondary school or gainfully employed. The traffickers were created by the get rich quick system and are to be found amongst cult members who have been empowered by the politicians with guns to seize ballot boxes at elections; who used same for intimidation of unprotected families and seize their young ones without police protection. The immigration and border guards are bought so they look the other way after money has changed hands so these children are taken out of the country quite easily.

While some blame the receiving countries due to their huge demand for sex and cheap labour, my gripe is with the country of origin whose borders are porous and whose community have broken down with one single thought of survival which is to go abroad and ‘make it’ The fences of our community have broken down completely and our towns have been taken over and the people seem to be on the run. It is a shame to hear such sayings that the dollar has no taboo but it does. We have to go back to our roots, we have to re-orientate our minds and value systems. Money is good but it is not everything. There is still a place for honour and hard work. The change has to start from the top down if we will still exist as a distinct community in thirty years. I am very worried for my people.

There are no easy solutions to the problem but a committed government and the traditional system can curb this menace quite easily if they work together.

The politicians should stop the empowerment of cult boys with guns and ammunition especially during the elections.

Dismantling the cults will dismantle the traffickers. The Federal Government should ensure the police and the border guards do the work they are being paid to do. It is simple. No one is allowed to pass through our borders without a visa or authenticated documents showing destination and appropriate visas from the destination country’s embassy in Nigeria.

Campaign by the churches, traditional leaders, the government to re-orientate the minds of our people and change their value system. I have written a paper on this issue before; visit www.edoglobalorganization.org

My dear Bishop Aghahowa, I feel our pains and I hope we can all work together to solve this very ugly problem of our time.

I agree there are prostitution and human trafficking even in the USA, the scale of Benin City and Edo People involvement and the consequences in Libya, the deaths in the Sahara and Mediterranean Sea is unprecedented.

Yesterday there was anti-slavery rally in London but our people are busy talking about Arsenal and Chelsea football teams. It is sad we do not know our priorities.

We just pray the government and traditional rulers will do more than they are presently doing instead of some of them denying the problems exists and asking for sources of information. The information is out there if you look for it.

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