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Hope for Edo Libya Returnees From The Edo Diaspora

There has been worldwide action following the recent CNN report on the Slave trade in Libya on 22nd October 2017. Since the report,an approximate 4 flights with over 1500 returnees have arrived in Nigeria. Sadly most of these are from Edo state. In the CNN documentary last week they interviewed several returnees who described the auctioning of slaves, the rapes and the murders. It is clear from the CNN documentary and interviews that most of the victims are Edos. CNN and other world press organisations have visited Benin-city, Edo state and have labelled it as the source of human trafficking. This is a shame on all of us. There are many reasons for this tragedy from bad governance to porous borders but this is not the time to apportion blame. This is a time for Edos to show love and unity. We must put aside our political differences and respond to what is the greatest challenge to face Edos and Edo state in the 21st Century.

Edos, we are going to respond positively. We are going to participate and rehabilitate, rehouse, re-integrate, provide medical support, provide studying and apprentice placements within Edo state for the returnees. We are going to assist the Govt and give help to our Edo people that have been through this horror. To this end Edo connect has teamed up with The Benin Trust, a UK registered charity (Charity number 1116338) to provide a building or buildings in Benin City to take up to 50 Libyan Returnees.

We will provide accommodation, furnishing and all house hold necessities to enable our Edo Libya returnees to regain their self-worth. The returnees will be offered short courses and receive training in Carpentry, tailoring and hair and beauty. They will fix our houses in Benin and sew garments for Benin occasions. We will update you with their progress and also encourage Edos in the diaspora to visit one of our proposed buildings in Benin-city when they go to Benin.

We appeal to all Edos and friends of Edos worldwide to assist us at this tough time. We have enlisted external help in the United Kingdom: There is a concert planned in February 2018 in London by UK artists, UK afrobeat dancers, UK Nollywood, and UK Afro models to raise funds to help Edo Libya returnees. We are appealing further to all Edo organisations and unions in the diaspora, Edo Alumnae in the diaspora, Edo corporates, Edo professionals, Edo individuals and Nigerian associations to give whatever they can for this cause.

Follow the link below to make donations, email us at info@edoconnect.com or call on 07944 434425 with any questions and suggestions.


Yours Sincerely

Edo Connect

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