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So The Dog Ate PDP’s Homework

None of the tabloids outlining PDP’s comeback in Nigeria is satisfactory.

This is not an attack on PDP and I wish it was just a case of PDP ‘hesitating to show all its cards’.

We have seen in detail APC’s plan for Nigeria which sets out the challenges and the enormous amount of work to be done and the huge issues to be settled.

APC’s fight against corruption and efforts with job creation have not been successful as yet. APC is guilty of lacking dynamism. It has failed to properly tackle the Nigerian youth unemployment problem, its only policy being to promote farming. They took us into recession and are failing to stimulate the economy. Boko haram and herdsmen have also not been handled satisfactorily. However, the general feeling of the Nation is that APC is taking us in the right direction, albeit it is not crystal clear and it’s too painful right now, but they are showing an understanding for the problems.

This brings us to PDP, whose comeback last week has not awoken the expected enthusiasm. PDP has spent over 2 years getting rid of their Chairman Markafi. They have lost an untold number of members at all political levels to APC. Not that this problem is enough to derail a “ready” PDP but one has to question how ready is PDP. Make no mistake, Nigerians do not want to go back to the corruption that has crippled all sectors and family values, but rather they want APC to fine tune the road and make it more attractive and believable.

PDP needs to be crystal clear what will happen with regards to corruption, job creation, youth engagement and social conditions. If PDP had plans for the wider issues instead of being absorbed with plans for structural development and maybe Nigerians Worldwide will start taking a second look. PDP must start talking seriously to win new members. Talk of Atiku vs Buhari or Atiku went to see IBB or whatever has no impact now. The impact Nigerians need are policies and action so where is PDP’s homework?

The Editor

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