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Edo: Governor Obaseki Squats on a Time Bomb

The present state of Edo State economy is yet to be seen as the Governor; Mr. Godwin Obaseki assumed control over the government house from his political leader, Adams Oshiomhole. This is most likely because of the fact that, it may take time to see the outcomes of numerous optimistic choices the governor has allegedly taken.

Obaseki’s style of governance is totally poles apart from that of his predecessor. His administration has tended to a few areas that had influenced the common natives of the state. For instance, he tended to the issue of Agberos and the drivers by disbanding the tax collectors to shape a more sorted out and controlled system. He likewise cleared some bustling areas to make space for transporters thereby decreased traffic.

Be that as it may, the governor in the process has made a few adversaries even in his own party. The leaders of the All Progressives Congress had blamed him for disregard. They trust he isn’t a grassroots politician and does not have respects for the individuals who facilitated his emergence.

Obaseki is likewise blamed for not giving priorities to Edo indigenes as it occurred in the last Edo summit. Some griped that he imported a considerable lot of the coordinators from Lagos, his previous state of residence, as opposed to making the open doors for Edo individuals.

The fight in Obaseki’s party might be sufficient to drag his success story down if the circumstance isn’t attended to.

Hon Samson Osagie, a former Minority Whip of the House of Representatives and the All Progressives Congress (APC) chieftain had in April while reacting to a columnist in Benin cautioned against the result of isolating politics from governance.

He predicted that such action may result in chaos in the future if the governor does not address the problem.

The former Minority Whip said “I see a challenge there. There can be no difference between the government of a state and the party that brought the government to power. If there exists a gulf, strictly speaking, it can create a political problem for the governor and I pray that he does not allow that to happen. What will happen is that some persons will use that opportunity to use the party as an instrument for fighting political opponents, for personal aggrandizement, whether or not those persons are capable of holding the state together politically. A governor cannot ride on the platform of a party to governance and totally neglect or run away in the running of the affairs of the party. There are dire political consequences for that action because those he will leave it to will create a political problem for him. They will use the party to take a political decision that can create instability for his government. Governance that is party based cannot be separated midway. It will be my advice for him not to allow people to create confusion for his government because that can affect the performance of his administration.”

A former Political Adviser to the immediate past Governor Adams Oshiomhole for eight years, Charles Idahosa in his own reaction urged Obaseki to address the issue of neglect. “He has said he does not want to be distracted and that is why he decided to steer clear of party leaders. But the truth is that Oshiomhole over-pampered us as politicians and that is why it seems we are feeling left out by Obaseki. But we now understand his style; it is not as if he does not want to see politicians, he only does not want to be distracted which is good.” He said.

Perhaps, the governor stayed mum so far keeping in mind the end goal to abstain from being distracted as the adventure to his success story started over a year ago.

Obaseki is squatting on a time bomb as those he has ignored and the opposition, the Peoples Democratic Party, are holding up to see the end of a man who calls himself “a technocrat”

The PDP in the state had likewise blamed Obaseki for narrow-mindedness. Unlike numerous past governors, Obaseki amid his inaugural speech in November 2016, did not approach the opposition to join with him in influencing and moving Edo state forward. In any case, he mentioned that “Edo State belongs to all of us, wherever you hail from, whatever your pedigree, whatever your ideology, or, for that matter, whatever your political affiliation.”

The PDP had kept on endeavoring in mixing into the new administration yet without much of any result. The latest of their exertion was the gift of around 200 shelters for the Edo State Transport Management Agency (EDSTMA). The following morning, the report that the APC government requested the removal of the haven overnight hit the social media. The PDP blamed Obaseki’s government for requesting his foot soldiers to destroy what was intended to lessen the anguish of the traffic officers.

Elder Ehi Ekhator

In a statement by the PDP Publicity Secretary, Mr. Chris Nehikhare said “It is with a heavy sense of disappointment that we regret to inform the good people of Edo State and Nigerians in general, that the 200 traffic shelters donated to EDSTMA by EDO PDP just yesterday, 14 November 2017 and deployed to strategic junctions across the city metropolis in fanfare and witnessed by the press, motorists, and residents have been illegally removed in the dead of night in a gestapo style operation.

“As late as 1am last night, I got the first anonymous tip of the mobilization of up to 30 trucks and touts, by agents of EDSG to remove without a trace all the deployed traffic shelters donated by PDP. All through the night, our informants called to relay the removal.”

on August 2, the Edo State Government discharged a press statement, signed by the Commissioner for Communication and Orientation, Hon. Paul Ohonbamu, declaring the sudden ban on the utilization of state-funded school premises, streets and other open spots for social events. The reason for the ban, the government stated, was that the act is inconvenient to the advancement of learning and the general advancement of children who are compelled to adapt to the unfriendly eventual outcome of this practice.

On October 18, 2017, the PDP additionally blamed Obaseki for disregarding his own prohibition by using the general premises to thank his party, a statement that was challenged by the APC.

The PDP in the statement portrayed the governor’s action as misleading, “In the most hypocritical manner and with total disrespect to Edo people, Governor Godwin Obaseki led APC government, is now using the prohibited public school fields for his so-called “thank you rally”.

This month, on the 17, the PDP additionally blamed the state governor for sending a secret request to the Edo State House of Assembly so as to skew the local government election in his party favour. The party transparently blamed the state governor for prejudice, cautioning him not to meddle in the local government council election.

“Governor Godwin Obaseki through his SSG Osarodion Ogie has sent an executive order to the Edo State House of Assembly, demanding the immediate amendment of some sections of the Law establishing EDSIEC (Edo State Independent Electoral Commission), particularly the reduction of statutory 90 days notice before Local Government elections to a mere 45 days.

“This amendment is not only alarming, it is unacceptable, illegal and unfair. It exposes the intolerance the APC government has for opposition and fear of accountability it must undergo when opposition candidates are elected chairmen of the various councils they have “burgled” in the last 9 years.”

The governor so far has neglected to address the General Hospital in the state where doctors, nurses, and patients are totally overlooked. The Hospital that was the pride of the Oshiomhole administration which expended billions of naira is still under lock and key.

Obaseki’s total quiet on the project is exasperating and the hypothesis that it might be privatized sends inconvenience to the people of the state who trusted that the building was used to siphon public fund and will be unwise to privitize it after gulping billions.

It will be astute for the governor to keep up his home so as to withstand the weight that may originate from the opposition. The following couple of years of the administration will additionally uncover the turn out of his second term campaign

Will the governor dance to the pressure of his party or from the political opponents or satisfy the Edo individuals by fulfilling his campaign promises? Obaseki’s style of government is new in the state; it lacks inclusiveness, therefore, the dissatisfaction enlisted so far in the characteristics of the political partners.

He needs to guarantee the general population of Edo State that he believes them enough to give contracts or engage with them on premium services where necessary. Obaseki’s connection with the northern extremely rich business tycoon, Aliko Dangote, and his connection, and conceivable association of his organization, Afrivest into official investments still remain uneasiness in the psyches of the general populace.

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